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Must Watch edits are normally edits that have taken months to film, thousands of tries on a line and so on. But what about the other side of the spectrum, contest riding? Everyone knows Dominik Nekolny is a contest machine and here he drops hammer after hammer in a one take run to see how dialled he is. The man is on another level, I respect anyone who can throw a flawless run but this off the chat difficulty back to back, heavy breathing included. I got totally sucked into this, and you all need to watch this too. Anyone who has ever “trained” for a contest will know the level of professionalism, discipline, blood sweat and tears to get to this level! F*** yeah Dom, respect!

21 thoughts on “Must Watch – Dominik Nekolny / One Take

  1. This is amazing! I love Dom’s riding because he mixes insanely difficult single switches into the middle of huge, powerful combos. Also he is straight edge and I’m into that.

    However, I can’t understand why Dom will go to all this effort, but will not set his personal differences aside and just start competing everywhere. I don’t get it. I think I’m missing some info about things.

    He is always going to get compared to Viki’s past style and he will always be marked down a little on originality, but his difficulty and consistency is off the chart. He could win any contest anywhere in the world.

    Will he start competing more when everything is fair? I don’t think that day is coming in any field.

  2. Just to be clear, I know that this was a batch of new stuff from Dom and different to Viki. I’m just saying that that label will always be there at contest time.

    What I don’t get is all the effort to be so dialled, but not reaping the benefits of that at all the big contests. Staying dialled has not much benefit for progression in my opinion because it takes away most riding time.

    • @Paul – there was an issue over image rights when you join the UCI. So Dom pulled out. There are other events of course, BMX Cologne, Flatark, AFA, UK Champs, whatever else along the way. His dedication to get to that level with that degree of difficulty is second to none.

  3. Hey Paul – thx for your really nice comment! Always good to read some nice words.

    I don’t think I’m compared to Vikis past style anymore and will not be. Even before I always had my own style and right now I think my style is pretty signature. Also I couldn’t be more pleased seeing Viki being inspired just a little bit by what my style is now – roles changed 🙂 Viki and me have now days really really different styles – and I don’t think you can compare it anymore – Its always good to have session with Viki.

    Anyway why Im writing this is because that has nothing to do with me not competing at some “big” comps. Only “big ones” I turn down is maybe FlatArk and FISE.
    For the FlatArk – i was invited to the final – but I didn’t want to go to final with not qualifing (by qualification I mean real qualification – not qualification by winning some totally different contest). If I wanted to do the qualification – I was no longer invited so I have decided not to go.
    And why I canceled my participation at FISE/UCI events. The reason is that FISE has totally unacceptable rules with media rights. Not to mention very poor communication and not even answer my clear question. Thats the reason I have decided not to support those events, until I get clear answer.

    I hope you have little bit better background now 🙂


    • Thanks for that!

      It’s a shame that things don’t work out.

      Of course you will keep pushing though!

      Ride on!

  4. amazing combos here… the last one is really impressive… aesthetically and technically!

    congratulations Dom!

  5. Been watching this for DAYS now ! His 360 bar flip to half packer , the fact that he lands BOTH feet on the pegs , AND ……………lands WITH his right hand in WRIST-TWIST position …..for a SPLIT second , THEN has to IMMEDIATLY let go of the bar , GRAB the SEAT ………..its subtle , technical details like this…. that take a hard switch / transition 7 MORE levels up on DIFFICULTY ! The X to X-LEG hiker pivot / switch ……in ONE line ………SHEEEEZZZZ , man ! Dom IS wild-style with the technical , signature , HAMMER lines ………AND in one CASUAL …….practice session ?!! WHAAAAAATEVER !

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