Must Watch! Dominik Nekolny – Progression 2

Second clip into the year for Dominik Nekolny, and things are getting out of hand already as you might expect! Coming out of the xft hitch body varial with enough speed and straight enough to throw in pivot to backwards backpacker pivot back to xft hitch without touching the bars and continue the link ending with xft hitch body varial is technically so hard and Dom does it perfect! This may be just a clip, but deserves your attention, wow!

18 thoughts on “Must Watch! Dominik Nekolny – Progression 2

  1. While creating new tricks is great, I love it when people link some of their hardest stuff together in a flowing combo like this. So good!

    • That’s so true Pete! And in return create something new, so hard not to hit bars on the backwards backpacker pivot to xft. Holding the peg seems like it would bring your body closer to the bike and help out with that one. Props to Dom, and roll on progression clip 3!

  2. VIOLENT riding/combo right here ! Pivoting x-leg continuously/so effortlessly is one of those skils that baffles/amazes me ! So tech , love it , Respect Dom ! AGREED also with Pete/Valance also !!!!!

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    While some people gave him grief for learning Martti’s hiker 360 pivot, how can someone build and expand upon a concept without learning the foundation of it? Imagine if Dom listened to everyone that wanted him to stop doing that trick? We wouldn’t be watching him do this combo now.

    Thanks for sharing your progress with us, Dom!

  4. skill beyond my wildest dreams, Dom u rule! maybe just maybe Big E could add a new award to the end of year Flatmatters award of ” clip of the year ” to run along side the edit of the year . i’m sure this would win. if this clip is anything to go by – 2016 is gonna rock.

  5. Not just a crazy display of bike control in this one. The self control to not jump off the bike after hitting this line and yell “top that b*tches!” to the camera is some high level sh*t in itself. =)

  6. This isn’t new necessarily Martti did this in the Impulsivity DVD. One of my favorite clips in that video. But either way! this is phenomenal!! that full pivot around the body TWICE!!! WTF!!!!!

    • @Joel Schallhorn – We of course know Martti did this move in the Impulsivity DVD you don’t even need to say that to be honest. But it is as previously mentioned and as Prasheel touched on, a new level of progression to come out of that xft hitch body varial pivot with enough speed to pivot backwards backpacker pivot xft hitch from one side of the bike to another and still keep the combo going. Progression and creativity comes in many forms, and no-one is doing this.

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