Must Watch – Fülöp Vidakovich / Soul Dynamics 2019

The Hungarian flatland scene has been fairly quiet in recent years after the high standards set by Martin Szilagyi, Adam Ken, David Nagy and Dennis Katona, now there is a new shredder Fülöp Vidakovich that has come to the forefront with his time to shine.

It feels like a minute since a Must Watch edit dropped, and that’s a good thing honestly. We appreciate something that’s taken a bit of work, Fülöp goes hard in this one from the opening clip to the end teaming up with the one and only Sevisual. Some things are meant to be…


00:20: Pedal five foot jam to xft steam off the same foot, and the foot work on the switch at 00:30, love the way Fülöp brings something unique here according to his style!

00:50: No footed dork wheelie, left knee resting on the seat to mega spin to a wild foot jam candy bar move to backyard! (00:59), this one surprised me! The line continues but this part, man….

2:44: Xft pedal 5 no footed whip to xft inside steam, taking a move Dave Freimuth did on Baco years ago and bringing it to flatland and mixing into something new. This is freestyle right here and one of the many things I continue to love about it.

16 thoughts on “Must Watch – Fülöp Vidakovich / Soul Dynamics 2019

  1. Must watch , indeed !!! Im with Effraim about THAT move at 2.44 minutes ! Every edit this dude progresses a lot ! Hungary is producing some real bmx rulers … they’ve ALWAYS been ! That surprise back yard switch …….I too thought he was gonna jam-cade , Effraim , haha ! Stuff like that is so , so dope …….like watching Royer combo or something !! Gotta watch this a couple times also .

  2. Rad riding and some nice lines. Fulop gives the impression he really loves riding ,& to 1 of my fave songs of all time, goes well here to.

  3. Oh, the write up about this edit told me how you’re passionate about flat Effraim! I love your enthusiasm. Everything you said points to a great an original rider & great edit. He’s kept or is that rehashed the pedal-aroni alive? 1 thing’s for sure, the way frame’s & geometry’s clearly made getting into different positions easier.

  4. Great edit. Great filming and good song choice that’s well matched with the footage.

    Great to see what I would I call a “Hungarian style” too – someone with so many different skills and techniques with a solid foundation and trick base. You can just tell that he has that and it’s really starting to pay off now.

    There were so many good Hungarian riders back in the day with this kind of solid foundation. I guess they are out there somewhere riding right now?

    • I don’t think that any Hungarian riders have gotten the credit that they deserved. Hungary was like Europe’s flatland-Japan in the early 2000’s. Except Marton maybe – Marton got a lot of credit – but then I’m pretty sure he deserved more.

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