Must Watch! George Manos / Dayrkness


A real treat today out of Heresy’s George Manos! George continues to push the pegless direction in his riding to new levels in his new “Dayrkness” edit. I’m bit late posting this as Vimeo was down last night, standouts for me after a few watches are a couple things I have never seen before. A lot of the combos George is doing have no name other than perhaps what he might call them, I’m several watches in right now and still hitting the rewind on the pegless whiplash at 00:12, and combos with amazing foot to tyre switches technique at 00:51, 1;06 stood out to me! Great to see pushing George continue to pushing pegless riding to new heights, 100% originality right here, and so much style too!

11 thoughts on “Must Watch! George Manos / Dayrkness

  1. I must say…up til now I have felt that the riding of Manos has been overrated.
    Now….Holy shit George, massive respect!!!!

  2. Riding to Viking metal , Amon Amaroth ? SOLID music to begin with , THEN the last line , no handed/one footed PEDAL floater – PUSH forward , PEDAL switch five roll- over kick forward/back whip /switch feet !!!! ALL of this KILLS , THANKS George ! ALWAYS dug your style/riding , Im still loving the last LOTEK edit !!!!!

    • As a new relatively new direction that is only pushed by a few riders, George being one of those riders of course. This kind of riding is years in the making, I don’t mention it but the way the bike moves with the combo on the 00;34 is beautiful. Thanks for sharing George!

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