Must Watch! George Manos – Repentance

This past weekend at King of Concrete, there was plenty of discussion about flatland aesthetics. How do you know when a combo is done. The last combo at 00:58 I have rewinded several times, yes its short, but its so hard and creative and more importantly it’s focussed to what it is. X-ft side pedal 5 both feet quickly to the tyre in crackpacker position kick and roll forwards crackpacker on pedals! That combo alone makes this a Must Watch!

10 thoughts on “Must Watch! George Manos – Repentance

  1. Good to see someone following their own path and not just doing yet another turbined fork wheelie variation.
    Great stuff!!

  2. Just incredibly original and difficult riding by George! Crazy! Although I NEVER thought a comment on the internet could take my motivation away, Lincoln’s has done that… I don’t think I’m even going to bother riding this weekend…

    From a guy who has been spending way to much time and effort “just doing yet another turbined fork wheelie variation”

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