Must Watch! – Heresy in Strasbourg!

HERESY IN STRASBOURG. from Mathieu Dellabe on Vimeo.

Well, as it turns out we didn’t have to wait long for the Heresy edit! I just got back from my morning riding session and here it is! Absolutely incredible riding and beautifully put together edit from George Manos, Sebastian Grubinger, Michael Husser, and Alexis Desolneux (the pivot switch at 3:18!), you already know to watch this right!

28 thoughts on “Must Watch! – Heresy in Strasbourg!

  1. sebastians glider frontwheel move is richtig stylish… habe ich bisher nur mit bremse gesehen… nice alter… kann mich noch an die zeiten 200 und 2001 erinnern in münchen.. schön das du am start bist. bis bald 😉

  2. My Thoughts

    Beautiful , excellent, crisp, OG, refreshing (no turbines), great riders, great people, inspiring, difficulty level up, so glad to be a part of Flatland when I watched this…………….. Thank for the video guys!

    • Michael Husser’s around the bars whips /messiah turbine combos!! 🙂 one of the best edits I have seen in a while! Whole team kill it, diverse styles! Great job Heresy!

  3. You guys are amazing. So much love for the “damn four horsemen” haha as Tony said. Mutual motivation is all we need. Thank you very much !

  4. wow!!!! just in time that i am so hyped with this crew! nice editing and so much great stuff. hope we will see more in the future!

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