Must Watch! – Heresy – The Fifth of September


From the opening backwards xft whiplashes line from Alexis at 1:09, you know you are about to watch something a lil’ special! Alexis and Sebastian Grubinger go hard in this new Heresy edit by Sevisual! Today’s Must Watch!

21 thoughts on “Must Watch! – Heresy – The Fifth of September

    • One of the best edits of the year so far! Just had chance to watch it back again. Everything Alexis does is next level. Sebastian’s backwards facing manual on pedals step to backwards two footed backyard pass thru to rolling undertaker is so nice, such a great idea! Also really like the walkaround whiplashes he does. As Brian said No filler or fluff, absolutely killer edit! Great job Alexis and Sebastian and Tom at Sevisual as well.

  1. man….im just shaking my head. such a proud feeling whenever i watch your edits. anyone that has spent hours in an empty parking lot knows how hard you guys must have worked on your art to get such a beautiful film. and whoever has been doing your edits…captures your souls…and it just gave us all goosebumps….thank you for sharing.

  2. It’s just so refined. I love to see riding like this because you know that these guys followed the same path for so long. So focused. Time honoured riding right here.

  3. Thanks guys! This is very much appreciated! This video was inspired by friendship, summer, the good vibes of Vienna and The Heldenplatz, a flatland spot with soul and history. Stoked that you like it!

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