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NEW STYLE from James McGraw on Vimeo.

At the age of 48 years old, the original Scooter King James McGraw continues to progress and digs deep for his latest edit entitled “New Style”. James has been promising this was going to be his best edit yet and he delivers, two combos stand out for me include the inside switch b pivot g-roll spinning gerator body varial to inside spinning switch b back to xft peg wheelie back to inside switch b body pivot to spinning gerator body varial to spinning inside switch b at the 1:03 mark. The excitement is genuine, and I love his passion for flatland. When you ride with the man that passion is contagious and fuels the session.

The second combo that stood out for me is at the 1:45 mark, inside switch b dumped into ice cream to two footed backyard pivot spinning g-roll kick inside b back to xft peg wheelie pivot spinning g-roll spinning gerator body varial back to that sick scuffless spinning inside switch b. If James can match this level of difficulty in the contest arena he will knocking on the door, James has been sweating over a “Must Watch” for years and I’m happy to finally say the man well and truly deserves it. Go watch the edit for the rest, I just highlighted my favourites. James is an inspiration to us, riding better than ever at 48! Think about that, thank you for sharing this one James!

18 thoughts on “Must Watch – James McGraw / New Style

  1. 48 !!! Had NO idea , THIS has me respecting his CONSTANT progression………..even MORE !! I about knocked over my lap-top when I watched ……….BUGGED OUT…….and RE watched the two combos BIG -E stated . CONGRATS on receiving that ELITE must watch tag , James !! Your NEW progressive style during your lines MORE that earned it , cabrone ! Opening this edit in my inbox REALLY ammmped me UP for the REST of the day Monday morning , bruv !! I’m 43 , couldn’t fathom just scrapping my , as you would say bread and butter techniques …………….and shape shifting a POLAR opposite riding style !! Hell , I’m just happy to STILL be able to pull ANYTHING , HAHAHHAHA !! Even small little new things learned !! THIS type of RE- mastering that you , Effraim , Alexis , Scotty O , Martti , Giannis , etc , etc have done is SO much work -TIMES 7 !! I changed up a tiny detail of doing more crack packers during combos…………..because I needed to get them to FEEl like a normal , NOT think about it trick…………..JUST to dial them more……..and hell , I had to REALLY work at THAT since 2014 , and Ive BEEN doing crack packers since 1993 , HAHAHHAHA, buuuuuuuuut they STILL weren’t a trick that I could just CHILL / BE comfortable doing , and that just ONE trick……………………………………..NOT a WHOLE NEW riding style !!!!

  2. I’m totally dig the medium pace routines. He just relacks and chill between the tricks. He surely ride like a boss. Much respect. Thank you for the inspirations.

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