Must Watch – James White / Critical Beatdown

Critical beatdown from James White on Vimeo.

James White is like flatland royalty, so when you see on Facebook that the man is dropping a new edit with a classic Dorkin’ reference to boot you know it’s going to be good. This one hit me in a different way than previous “Me summer 2016 bits” and “The adventures of James White on the wheels of steel” did, James hit a spot that I feel has been missing in flatland edits over the past few years despite regularly posting on instagram these lines remain fresh.

The emotion I got out of watching this was like a Dorkin’ part watched for the first time with no idea what’s going to go down, mixing all the the flatland eras James has gone through into a 3:38 edit and have this real hype quality that James seems to always have. And the major factor James always seems to communicate is that this was pure fun and returns t the feeling of watching a video part we used to pay for back in the day…

As always with Must watch edits I like to talk about what stood out to me:

– The backwards xft peg wheelie full scuffless gerator body varial at 00:43.

– The triple two footed and dump truck walkarounds at 1:21 and 1:46. This is years of riding to get these so smooth, amazing control!

– The no handed sliding hitchhiker (what do you call that?) to no handed pivot out at 2:26, creating something new out something old. Pure class.

– Full body varial back wheel sliding half lash at 2:53 in the wet no less.

– My favourite line of the edit without a doubt, the whiplash body varial whiplash out at 3:12 is one of the best tricks of the year hands down!

– And the ender, is pure skills. Opposite dump pivot xft backwards ice cream pivot regular dump out at 3:23.

Hitting the rewind again, great stuff from Whiteski!

35 thoughts on “Must Watch – James White / Critical Beatdown

  1. I would like to express my emotions with bunch of exciting emojis but not such option here. Amazing edit (with excitement)

  2. Been a huge fan of James’s riding since the 90’s. It’s awesome that he’s still out there pushing it. Style for miles.

    • @ Chris Carter – where have you been chris we were just talking about you the other day! No a land speeder, is the forward side glide leaned down like Craig LePage used to do.

      • Hi Effraim, I still ride (fairweather flatlander) and am big on the underground-brighton-flatland-whatsapp scene which is made up of 3 people.

        Not a landspeeder!? I’m losing my edge!

  3. This whole slow pivot/varial thing…now looks like a evolved form of riding from within it self. (Hard2expalin) Mad skillz though! Nice.

  4. Watched 5 times, already! Great edit and loved the song. Who is it? Very few people can rhyme and stand up to a bomb squadesque/ public enemy like track like this and not sound weak!

  5. “Full body varial back wheel sliding half lash at 2:53 in the wet no less”

    That was so good!!!

    The whole edit was just awesome though. You get the sense that James just does what he likes and enjoys it. Skills that take years to hone no doubt! Loved it.

  6. THIS is SO HIGH-LEVEL with techniques / pivots / tricks -TIMES 7 !!! CONGRATS on SHOCKING / PUSHING / INNOVATING the art form / sport AGAIN, SIR.WHITE !!! Couldn’t even get through the WHOLE edit the FIRST or FOURTH time I watched it from REWINDING trick AFTER trick !!! THIS DEFINES M.O.C to the FULLEST !!! Hell , I shared / posted it BEFORE I even could get through this GEM on my Face book , cause I was JUST that STOKED / SLLLLLLAAAAAAMMMED / EXCITED………………after seeing the FIRST line !!!! YES …….THIS WILL BANG / HOOOOOOOLLLD …………….YEARS and YEARS from NOW !!!

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