Must Watch – James White / Stop the World

The man James White does it again, unless you have been living under a rock or something it’s hard not to notice James White’s riding on social media. He seems to be everywhere, and this new “Stop the World” edit featuring a classic Black Rock and Ron track hits hard like you would expect, yet retains a fun element and stoke factor. All these details plus mixing the riding to a great tune that describes what he is doing, and give you an uplifting feeling that makes you want to go and ride.
Ultimately this is what it is all about, I am still in awe of the bike control involved on the no-handed “still b” at the 1:52 mark and that ender I was waiting and the cut at the end!. Rather than list all the highlights, I think this edit is about the whole package that just left with a great feeling and immediately on the rewind for the whole video, brilliant work throughout.

13 thoughts on “Must Watch – James White / Stop the World

  1. Woah well said Mr E hats off to the one and only James White aka Whiteski aka Mr Level Vibes the feeling of Flatland the feeling of freestyle BMX this absolutely nails it. Talk about hype!!! The sheer depth of technique on show is insane! Really high quality stuff all round The sense of joy you get from just watching this dopeness belies the immense amount of effort it must have taken. Blazing a trail and.making it look effortless plus keeping it funky ! Dope! Dope! Dope!

  2. Throwing an old ghetto blaster at a basketball hoop still takes the biscuit! Definitely weird though. I mean it was good. It was awesome. But it was weird. Especially when you imagine the process of James planning and producing that. Hilarious!

  3. Could this be stationary balance tricks coming back, I don’t know, but as they say, what comes around. What I comes to mind though is, this is 1 way improving our balance.

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