42 thoughts on “Must Watch! James White – Whitelines

  1. So much control! Gotta watch a few more times. Love the composition of his combos. And WHAT HAPPENED at the end??? All slow controlled rolling stuff then BAM! Some kinda off axis bike flip whip wild style? Loved it. Keep it up James!

  2. Sick edit , bike flip was insane totally unexpected this is an incredible piece of bike control throughout pure flow and effortless style James inspires the hell outta me big respect mate, place is Bluewater shopping centre nr Dartford Kent huge place πŸ™‚

  3. Mike Smick, i will hold your hand and lead the way. This edit brought a nice finish to my day. Mike, ill see you soon! πŸ™‚

  4. James is so smooth and has so much bike control! The music and the background scenery were a nice touch as well. Edit of the year?!? This is definitely a contender. From the way that he whips those one handed links, it looks like his bike weighs about 15 pounds. Also looks like he is running about 145 in those tires! This is what riding is all about! Flatland is like an evolving organism that is both beautiful and elegant.

  5. I feel like flying to england, running up to you at your spot, kicking you off your bike, screaming at the top of lungs and then going back to the airport and flying home. Thats how i feel about this edit.

    Your rad bro!

  6. I think the flip landing at the end is the reason for the lack of front pegs. Aside from that….That first combo pisses me off.. So good soooo smooth and so much like something I have been working on but never got to this level. Props James!

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