Must Watch! James White – @whiteski instagrams

@whiteski instagrams from James White on Vimeo.

Whiteski continues to progress and refine/reinvent his riding style. Great concept of collecting his instagram videos into one edit, the mantronix track fits perfectly with James’ riding! Definitely go watch this!!!

29 thoughts on “Must Watch! James White – @whiteski instagrams

  1. As a youngster, I spent a couple of years riding the spot in redondo beach and marveling at/biting the style of riding popular at the time (fast combos with lots of boomerangs, tail whips, corkscrews, etc.). I then stopped riding for decades and missed a lot of the progression of the sport, hang fives and whiplashes were brand new when I drifted away. As a result, the slow rolling style was something I couldn’t stand to watch when I just got back in the saddle. Now, I can’t get enough of Mr. White’s edits and the power and control they ooze. Not to mention the air force ones!!! You would fit right in, here in brooklyn, with your shoe of choice.

  2. This is just PUUUUURE Flatland! James White makes his return a few years back & is just destroying! Gets the Hook Up form S&M & it seems to have breathed a new life into him! When i was at Battle Vibes earlier in the year, I congratulated Him on the Hook Up & he told me “Great Things Are Coming” Well this kinda proves that quote! Shitting Hell James! I cannot even begin to describe that trick list! After being away for nearly 8 years! I know the ins & outs of a lot of the Tricks but have no idea of what they’re called! The way James links tricks together & pulls them so smooth & yet with so much POWER! I doubt I’d EVER be able to quote that Trick List!! :-O

  3. I thought I caught all of your clips on insta, but either I missed some or you snuck a few extras in here.

    Well worth watching them all strung together though, especially the dance moves.

  4. Thank you everyone stoked on the response from this! X
    @phil, is that all you got!?
    @E-Ron, I’m coming over AF-1 shopping!!
    @jay, respect to you ‘young pup’
    @emer, you don’t have to be so formal, just call me God. Brakless decades?! I wish! See Chris’ comment for correct terminology!
    @chris, doubles are on my 2 do list.
    @jon, I don’t know all the trick names either.
    @prasheel, you have a keen eye. There were a few extra just for you.

  5. Always enjoy the IG clips, thanks for putting them all together in one edit. So many sick combos, and so damn smooth! You’re a legend @whiteski !

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