Must Watch! Jason Plourde – Theres something about flatland!

So much good stuff in this new edit from Jason here’s the word from the man himself:

Cleared my head in Japan, came back to Shenzhen, felt the power, did the tricks. I didn’t mind the touch after the tailwhip because i worked hard for it, at around 35 C degrees if not more, for one hour or more, it means a lot to me. Anyways, enjoy my friends!!!! Live to ride, Ride to Live. This is dedicated to Takuji Kasahara, Chase Gouin and Brandon Fenton!!

19 thoughts on “Must Watch! Jason Plourde – Theres something about flatland!

  1. I’m honored to be mentioned in the dedication. All of those tricks were massive. I really liked the decade to whopper–I think its a safe bet to say that is probably the first time anyone pulled that combination. Super motivating!

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