Must Watch – Jean William Prevost / Puro Flat 3

PURO FLAT 3 from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Wow, when the 2018 Nora Cup winner Jean William Prevost drops an edit you take notice. MY Sunday is made, it is pouring with rain and I am getting ready to go ride with a spring in my step. This is flat out incredible, Dub continues to break new ground and do his own thing away from the contest scene and in turn turn up the notches in the art form of flatland riding and then some.

This will be the 4th Must Watch edit this week! Here’s why I haven’t gone soft giving these Must Watches out!

00:17: backwards spinning undertaker to xft carved pumping peg wheelie pivot 360 body varial two footed backyard out another side xft carved peg wheelie Degroot undertaker! Let’s just getting the party started!

00:36: Backwards spinning undertaker direct to two footed 360 backyard type body varial pivot! Dig how he showed the original progression in the clip before….

00:48: Switch foot lawn turbine opposite foot forward g-roll step over forward two footed death truck on pedal to rodeo jump out xft carved peg wheelie flip to backwards spinning two footed one-handed cream flip to xft carved peg wheelie right hand side inside gliding switch-b spinning undertaker out! Wow!

1:33: Everything Dub does is flat out amazing, and the next line hits so hard! At the 1:33 mark ending in double turbine forward death pedal overtaker out! A man at the top of his game and continuing to push what is possible on a flatland bike…

I could go and on, let’s discuss this one in the comments section. I gotta go ride!!

16 thoughts on “Must Watch – Jean William Prevost / Puro Flat 3

  1. Dub. You have elevated flatland to an almost incomprehensible level. Your flow, creativity, and zest for riding is fantastic.

    I’m proud that one of the best riders in the world is from the province to the right of the province I live in. Also, the yellow tire was so 70s. I was born in ’72. Most of my BMX bikes back then had yellow tires, and I loved it. Those video clips with the yellow back tire was a weird hybrid of old school looks with new school riding for me. Quite rad!

    • Hey Reg!
      Much love man thanks for this comment! Stoked to be part of this great country as well, I hope we can be an example in the World for the future and for other countries. Have a good holiday season!

  2. So freakin good, Dub. The progression and taking the tricks deeper and deeper over the last year! Beautiful edit. I hope to see more of these in the future!

  3. This is motivation!! You heart and soul transfers through your riding. Brilliant thought process for your exolving combos – pivoting, g-turning, pumping, switching – it’s all in a blink of an eye. Had to watch and re watch. This is pure art – and you are the artist

  4. When I think of riders who have TOTALLY evolved / shaped the form of flatland in this day / year , riders like Kuoppa , Chase , Viki , Bissekker , Faris , Marton , Matthias , Wilhelm , Worsley , Yoshiki , Degroot , etc , etc ………THIS man …..DUB always comes to mind too !! Truly amazing , not just how fast , accurate , and fierce he rides …..ALSO the high level of difficulty AND originality involved within his pivots , switches , transitions , even rocking PEDAL work , all up in dem combos ! Such progressive , future concepts just flooooooowed relentlessly throughout his blink of an eye lines , Ive BEEN studying his LAST edit recorded on my flip phone , hahaha, for MONTHS ……….JUST now really figuring out the details within every combo……..Guess I ll spend another couple months visually digesting this new edit , also . SALUD , Dub for progressing the sport -TIMES 7 , campeon !

  5. He’s still doing his old well known combos and add up with more new routines.
    Consistency and progression at it’s best.
    Mind-blowing paddle tricks.

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