Must Watch – Jeff Desroche / After the Accident 2

Jeff DesRoche – After the Accident 2 from Diversion TV on Vimeo.

Straight back from China to a Must Watch from one of the most stylish riders to ever ride flatland, Jeff Desroche! This man has something else going on when it comes to moving around that bike, watching Jeff just makes me want to go and ride. From the opening one handed hang ten jump to pedal steam to lifeguard at 00:16 (I think that’s what it is called) and that ride out! One of the best tricks of the year for sure and it continues.

There are so many highlights that are packed into this 5 minute 49 second edit, and one of the things I liked the most was the way he pushes a concept and surprises you with the switch. It’s not too often I am surprised anymore with lines, I almost feel I am sat here with a cuppa and predicting what’s next. With Jeff, it was a fresh slate.

Second line in, and I really like how he put his own twist on a switch made famous by the Japanese riders like Yammer and Hiroya Morizaki. Jeff makes straightens out briefly after after the forward Karl halfpacker inside switch foot steam and flips into his signature teakettle jump at 00:27. It’s subtle, modern day flatland is all in the details.

At 1:03, I have seen Jeff do this before but it’s his own and no one can do it like Jeff. One handed hang ten jump pedal steam jump tea kettle, a bomb line to the list. So great that Jeff is back after his severe accident and sharing with us all, and i loved this that he has bounced back with renewed vigor.

1:46: Switch foot inside opposite Karl pivot to crackpacker pivot forward Karl 360 bar out and like I will say so much with Jeff’s riding, oozing with style.

3:03: Switch foot forward Karl to x-foot halfpacker, a Desroche classic and the best one I have seen him do so far. Dope as you like!

3:48: Switch foot spinning inside steam without holding bars full body varial out, again Jeff D classic and it is so great to see these classics returning to the game. If it’s yours, why not do it and document it right, especially as this is never getting old.

4:28: One handed hang ten jump to crackpacker to Jeff’s signature jump out, no idea what he calls it. But it rules and he condensed it down, I recall at Flatring he was doing this as a solo trick and now it’s tightened up a lot. So bomb!

I could go on and on, I love everything about this edit, a true artist doing his thing. I hope this edit gets some love in the comments section.

23 thoughts on “Must Watch – Jeff Desroche / After the Accident 2

  1. Great riding. But how dare Jeff ride with a bar that’s not 2 piece, that’s not following the trend, lol. You can lead a horse to water but… It’s as if he never had the accident, but l guess Jeff knows the exact details.

  2. Bangers and bangers, style overdose ! That’s so refreshing to see him back, as you says, you can never predict what will happen ! I Watch it again & again ! So hyped, makes me wanna ride !
    Thanks Jeff for sharing that incredible style !

  3. Many years ago 1 rider really stood out in style, it was Jeff at Flatground 2003 in Amsterdam ! A very large hall with lots of echo on the MC mic. It is unbelievable how refreshing the combos are in this video, after all these years and all the evolution in flatland worldwide. Hope to see more in the future. Very motivating to see

  4. THIS !! THIS , right HERE ….DAMN , Im buggin on the FIRST combo !! Him riding to my fourth favorite jam by Drake , also ?!! Gonna take a lil time to digest THIS edit. Jeff is BACK with like never before , man ! Every crazy level line , just back to back to back to back……..haha, yeah …gonna have to really take all this in ALL week , haha. I cant believe how tech / stylish hes gotten ……even MORE…..AFTER the accident . Pure hardcore , NO b.s. , HAMMER style , BANGERS N MASH , ORIGINAL flatland riding , TIMES 7 . Gracias Jeff / Big -E / Bobby Carter for sharing this exclusive MUST WATCH edit . SO stoked on this ….SO friggin good !

  5. There’s only so many times you can watch a rider do a time machine in slow motion, set in a vaguely exotic location, filmed in 4K, with a soundtrack that would be right at home in an elevator.
    This is exactly what flatland needs right now. Sketchy, raw and progressive.

    • Exactly, that’s why I love Jeff’s riding. At any moment he could crash and that’s the beauty of it. There are guys out there now who never crash. Jeff’s pushing and it’s original. Nothing at a contest compares to this.

  6. f**k, this is absolutely mind blowing!
    so much control and power in his riding + agility, freestyle…
    thank you for this video, looking forward for the next one!
    true artist for sure!

  7. Banging edit.dude is so stylish and aggressive.flatground 2004 saw him do exactly those tricks in front of me but im still in amazement 15 years later watching this edit today…

    • I remember Jeff was here in Greece in January 2005 to perform shows for a small local contest…it was even more mind blowing to watch him ride in person rather watching him in videos!What a stylecat…

  8. HamJam 2005 April, Hamilton Ontario. Got a chance to have a smoke and ride with this fine gentleman. Saw him busting out tricks and variations that I’ve never seen or heard of anyone doing to this day.
    Jeff is one of the undisputed greatest flatlanders of all time. Legendary style.

  9. What. The. FUCK did I just watch….!?

    That was amazing…! So stoked to see this. I’m getting up extra early to ride tomorrow.

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