Must Watch! JFB in Cali!

This edit brings a lot of memories of my time spent riding in Long Beach, California. Jean-Francois Boulianne stayed with Sean Fontenot whilst he was in Cali in the Autumn of 2012, and put together this sweet edit with the footage now he is back in Canada, braving the winter! The line at around 1:50 is awesome! Definitely check this one out!

14 thoughts on “Must Watch! JFB in Cali!

  1. Definitly dope riding from JF ! But what a bad music, seems a drunk homeless with a guitar in the street can perform better ! But dont care riding > music 🙂

  2. I like the music 🙂
    I can understand people dont 🙂
    I just hope People feel the Cali vibe.

    It’s a great place to be and ride your bike!!!!!

  3. Holy wow!

    Great job, JF. The combos you dropped in this are incredible…so glad you captured and documented your trip in Cali.

    Hoping the weather soon warms up for us both, and if not, that you’re able to take off on some more travels even sooner.

  4. Guys Guys Guys
    Thanks you all, motivating me to do all of this.
    Stay tunned for this summer edit with Sevisual.

    Take care and ride hard

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