5 thoughts on “Must Watch! Kensuke Hamai

  1. Why do I “have to” watch 7 minutes of the same concept over and over with minor variations? Is it really all “must watch?” This term loses it’s value when you use it all the time.
    Great riding by the way! Well, at least what I saw when I browsed through the seven minutes…

    • I do in part agree with what your saying Michael. But for my point of view if there weren’t so many good edits right now we would be singing this guys praises, amazing back wheel riding!! Quite right “minor variations”, but sometimes flatland is like that. As you said “Great riding by the way”, why not reward that?

  2. It should be rewarded, that’s for sure. As difficult as it is, because all the links are great, I wish the rider picked only a few and had a shorter edit.
    Well, as we both said, great riding. Keep it up Kensuke!

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