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New Years eve 2019 has been a good day for edits. And this new one from Lee Musselwhites strikes the same kind of chord I felt with Matthias Dandois’ “Instagram side of things”. Yes, I have seen some of the footage before via Instagram and Master of Creativity, its however way more impressive when you see the footage altogether as a total package.

Highlights for me from this BMF edit:

00:16: Backwards boomerang to half turbine crackpacker.

00:41: Bar grab one handed backwards no footed backyard pivot out!

00:48: Possibly my favourite of the edit, bar hop 360 body varial to halfpacker. Little dead time, short and sweet. Perfect!

There’s a lot packed into this 1:51 edit from Lee, can Lee now take his original difficult lines from Torquay to the contest floor and break into that elite top bubble of riders in 2020? If this is my last post of the decade, see you on the other side everybody!

11 thoughts on “Must Watch – Lee Musselwhite / BMF

  1. Good to see you riding on here again, l’ve long watched with curiosity Lee & you haven’t d’appointed. Thx Lee.

  2. Originator not a duplicator! Lee gets it! He’s actually thinking about what has not been done done before and doing it with style! The world needs more riders like him.

  3. STILL reading his 2002 Ride U.K. Bmx magazine interview …..waaaaaay back when he rode for ART ZONE clothing , London bikes , and Duffs shoes , and had just kick flatland up the arse , with HIS backward / spinning half packers , fire haul -bar split -multiple boomerangs , and that crazy Cobain roll , whipping the frame stepping all the way over to a crack packer spin……….Lee , ALL his edits should be MUST WATCH , hahaha , based on the fact that his SLLLLAAAAAAMMMMED , original rolling creations …..EVERY one of em , are light years ahead of the sport , and have ALWAYS been ! I mean, DAMN ……his SPIDER GLIDE ! To this day , I still cant get my head around just HOW he got THAT move dialed in enough to not just hold the position FOREVER , long enough to set a friggin Guinness World Record , but …..ALSO to actually have it ON LOCK ,enough to actually fire it out…….IN CONTESTS ! He unleashed em @ F.I.S.E. !!!! The fact that he also LINKS these moves , like HIS Phoneix glide to boomerang , step over to crack packer , @ 1.40 MINUTES ……..THATS so mental , to me ,just throwin it in da mix ……like its a NORMAL trick , when I can imagine , THAT move and his backwards facing NO footed back yard roll , etc, etc…..theyre SO HAARRRRD , I BUG OUT , just thinking bout how LONG it must of taken Lee to ,not only THINK these moves up , experiment with trial / error , learning them………..THEN also the infinite amount of hours…..DIALING something that he had NEVER seen done , so he had ZERO guage to base the physics , on HOW to dial THESE moves ! Friggin ASTOUNDING , bruv ……like EVERY bmxer out there…….Im STOKED on WHAT and HOW , Lee has evolved / pushed flatland , its PROGRESSION…………AGAIN ……..DAMN………his SPIDER GLIDE is a straight up DREAM , MATRIX , SURREAL , type of creation ……he could of QUIT riding , after creating THAT move ………and STILL get PROPER clout , respect , and bragging rights till , like the end of time , hahahaha………seriously !! ALL of his moves have been some of THE most PROGRESSIVE creations………….EVER ….madd respect , campeon !

  4. Thank you everyone who took the time to comment it’s really appreciate. Rodney in particular your post made my day!

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