30 thoughts on “Must Watch! Martti Kuoppa is back!

  1. Am I gonna thank JOHN YULL? seems like martti got motivated by johns’ decades??? or has martti been doing this type of decades, E? anywho the BOSS iS BACK i hope!!!

    • @Thong – No martti used to spin like that before John’s variation, John did some variations similar to the old school trick the “Weedwacker”, so much pop on that whopper. Stoked to see some Martti footage!

  2. I’m super motivated to watch the boss back to Elisa Spot once again! now it really got me thinking of something really means a lot bout flatland, even if the rider quits he would get back someday, or sometime, in anyway.. no matter how hard the situation would be.

  3. I hope Martii returns to the contest scene someday and blows everyone away. Flatland needs “The Boss”!!!

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