Must Watch! Martti Kuoppa Selfie 2013

Martti Selfie 2013 from Intrikat on Vimeo.

So stoked to see this! Xft crack jump to crack at 00:38 is insane, and the banger is nothing short of incredible! Something so great about Martti riding Chad’s S&M Intrikat frame with all the previous intrikat video parts. Go watch this now! My day is made!

26 thoughts on “Must Watch! Martti Kuoppa Selfie 2013

  1. Big respect to Martti and his riding but the editing and video work is always so is bad. Big tricks & good video = win. Get a friend to film you in a proper way and all BMX will get a blast!

  2. always good to see the TOP pros on their bikes, Martti, CHASE etc – the main guys who settled the path… and massive props Martti for sharing, his own filming just says… f.. it I’ll do it myself – that rules over any edit

  3. Thank you all for all the support now and during all these years ever since I made it to the “spotlight”.. It can be a tough place to be and can cause all sorts of emotions but here I am and still in love with riding. I tried to quit but that didn´t work out too good so all I can do now is to deal with it and this video is where I am at the moment with my riding!
    Btw, I am very happy to see all these grazy videos from old generation and new generation during a year or so! Keep them going!

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