Must Watch – Mates Tuček / Freestyle Kolbenka 2017-2018

There is a new beast emerging from the Czech republic scene, Mates Tuček has been on the verge for a couple of years now. You see moments and think, this guy can make it at the very top level. After riding with Mates for a week last year at the Battle in the Rockies contest I have no doubt. From what I have seen Mates is one of the most skilled riders in the game right now, and he’s doing something I really like a lot. He’s learning everyone’s tricks, but… then he’s putting his own twist on them, something I recall Moto Sasaki used to do.

Whilst this edit wasn’t my favourite for the music choice, I did enjoy the sheer quality of what he is doing. And truthfully I don’t think Mates is not doing this with the intent to get a “Must Watch” and that’s one of the things I really liked about him, he doesn’t even realise how good he is. There is a wonderful charm, and innocence to his riding, that I really admire in this day and age where people message me with “Here’s my Must watch edit” Mates is just doing his thing and we can all learn a lot from this guy.

At 7:25 long, you definitely need to grab a cuppa, yeah I know that’s my catchphrase so why not use it huh? Without highlighting everything, here are some the standouts in my couple of watches, but I know I will going back over this again and again. This edit deserves you attention!

1:17: One footed teakettle hand round the back jump over to xft steam off the same foot, amazing technicality and originality.

2:09: Tea Kettle to xft halfpacker bar flip xft halfpacker jump to crackpacker, difficulty level off the chart.

2:38: Guillotine seat grab turbine pivot crack!

3:14: One of my Personal favourites, xft karl one handed step one handed to crack, this is next level. The art of switching and pivoting without the hand is so difficult and one I appreciate a lot from having similar ideas, blown away with this one!

4:31: Not even sure what we call this one, like a side hang 5 karl position all tweaked up to xft halfpacker, Mates skill base is opening up some highly creative lines.

7:10: Tea kettle xft halfpacker step back xft one handed to crackpacker! This move right here is one of the wildest moves we will see all year and he makes it look easy! If Mates can get some support, this guy can become the next big sensation in flatland. March is proving to be a great month for edits!

28 thoughts on “Must Watch – Mates Tuček / Freestyle Kolbenka 2017-2018

  1. I’m speechless. This is beyond must watch. Totally mind bending – so many new ideas beautifully executed- in 1 edit?!?! Props Mates

  2. Super amazing stuffs right there for the tech lovers!! tks for sharing!!
    These adidas trousers are de-fi-nitely flatland approved, nice touch I would say 🙂
    Remenbering seing Mates winning easily the master category at Ninja Spin Monaco in 2009, that guy didn’t stop to progress and impress, respect!!!
    (people really message Effraim with “Here’s my Must watch edit” !?! wtf..)

  3. So great Mates! really tech and original ideas!
    keep on exploring those x-footed concepts! love your style, thanx for this edit!

  4. O.M.G.-TIMES 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO many EXCLUSIVES to RE-WATCH ………..MULTIPLE times !!! THIS IS……………ANOTHER one !!! As being a HUGE fan of ANYTHING that requires X-LEG skills …….THIS has my attention from the START !!! SO much tech / precise variations , lines out of Mates , Ive been recently really following his riding since finding his YouTube channel ……..AND of course……..IF …..BIG -E is raving ABOUT your RIDING level / skills………………..that becomes an INSTANT red flag in MY mind to REALLY follow / keep track of what said rider is doing on their BIKE , as Effraim KNOWS what the REAL deal IS on THAT matter !!! Mates just smashes through his personal PROGRESSION wall in THIS !! LOVE it , well DESERVED / EARNED ………..MUST WATCH tag , indeed !!! ALL the lines BIG -E stated are MIND melting !!! REEEEEEEEE- WATCH !!!!!

  5. Wow Mates, this is a great direction for you to explore and master. It was refreshing to watch and hope there is more to come!

  6. The facility he’s riding in is unreal! Google the place, damn… if this type of facility existed in more places around the world, we’d see many more people progressing, and creating like this. We’re at least 50 years behind developing anything close to that where I’m at in this arctic shithole hick town. If anyone out there has access to an indoor spot, or a climate that allows for year-round riding, don’t stop riding. Ever. Does this guy stop riding? Clearly not.
    This is next level awesome! So rad! Go Europe! Go Mates Go!

  7. I’m calling edit of the year on that one! That’s the most progressive riding I’ve seen in a looooooong time! Could have made 4 must watch edits out of that!

  8. Much thx to all for those motivating comments ! Appreciate it and means a lot to me !! Nice day to everyone ! Ride on !!!

  9. 3:14 is just so amazing! Keep watching this clip, absolutely perfect! Congratulations Mates, deserve all the plaudits you are getting from the flatland community.

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