Must Watch – Mateus Beckmann / Flatland Street 2018

It is not too often that you get a rider that is a savage in both flatland and street nowadays, with the way modern day street riding has become this may become a trend that happens more frequently. Case in point is this new fire edit from Brazilian shredder, Mateus Beckmann! A few years I was raving about this rider on the site and it seemed no one was either taking notice or feeling it, but now….

Mateus’ clips in this stand up if you a die hard street rider or die hard flatlander, so much so that i will share this with my street friends which I wouldn’t normally do…
As with Must Watch edits I like to real down what I liked and for the purposes of this edit I will separate them..

Street clips! (yes in a skatepark)

00:20: 180 to backlash whopper out up 3-4 stair.
00:53: Opposite ice grind whopper out on second ledge set up.
1:25: Opposite pegs 180 gap to next ledge opposite backwards pegs 180 out!
1:40: Big 360 down stairs to manual to 180 down next set of stairs, both stairs a 5-6 set!

Flat clips!

00:41: Double bar rocket manual jump to pedal 5 g-turn rollback whopper 180 out.
2:14: Possibly my favourite flat line of the edit. Xft backwards one handed spinning steam shove-it to regular foot spinning one handed fork wheelie and the ride out!
2:43: Mid line foot jam whip backwards manual hop bar out, next mix of the old and the contemporary!
5:02: The banger of the edit is perfect! 180 to backlash whopper to rocket manual bar to whopper out!

My end point is if you are Garrett Reynolds you can be amazed by this, if you are Martti Kuoppa you can be amazed by this, Mateus Beckmann is a beast! What a start to the week, I hope the rest of the BMX world take notice of this kid!

19 thoughts on “Must Watch – Mateus Beckmann / Flatland Street 2018

  1. Damn, that was killer! Between the insane creativity and the awesome music selection this is a win front to back! Hail Mateus!!

  2. That turbined manual 180 to backward hang 5 at 4’18 ! Insane ! So unexpected ! Wonderful move, just like the rest of the clip. Matteus makes his complex and risky riding look so easy with his smooth and calm style. One of my favorite riders to watch for sure !

  3. So bestial and stylish at the same time. I got that “I love BMX” emotion from start to finish. Thank you so much Mateus!

  4. Damn.!.!.!

    This is spot on. It has been awesome watching this kid develop though the past few years. He is a testament to what freestyle truly is….
    It is amazing how you can learn more than one trick when you apply yourself.!
    Very refreshing…
    Top pros should take note…..I did

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS guy is just RAD / RELENTLESS , had a feeling hed been quiet…………for a GOOD reason !!! Like the CALM ……before the STORM !!! BONKERS-RAD-TIMES 7 !!! Its like mixing up some Devon Smillie , Matthias Dandois , Sean Feneote , and Chad Kerley ……………….THEN ………….letting THAT creation just WRECK havoc in flatland AND street !! AGREED with Scott Powell !!! EVERY top pro SHOULD take note !!! I’m NO top pro , JUST a local yockal , HAHAHAHHAHHAHA…………..AND I’m not JUST taking NOTES………….I’m MENTALLY writing a BOOK about THIS riders SKILL !!! SO much RAW progression AND talent , WITH a RELENTLESS drive to PUSH / PROGRESS in BOTH disciplines !!! BIG E was / is ………..SPOT ON ……..with THIS one !!!!

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