Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann – Master Bikes 2013

A lot of people made comparisons with Simon O’Brien and Mateus, it’s pretty funny they have used Simon’s track from Trickstars 5! Mateus delivers hammer after hammer, I won’t spoil it for you. But just watch, and enjoy this young kid tearing it up! Love it!

21 thoughts on “Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann – Master Bikes 2013

  1. Thanks Effraim, Phil and Mizo ….
    The last trick is one of the best for me, when I jump behind the wheel along with a Bar Spin …

  2. Thank you for the comments …. This is very inspiring …..
    About X-Decade Hands, I’m thinking of doing it in other ways …..

  3. Today arrived my new parts ….. and so get excited to train very …… but the comments are even more inspiring, thank you …..

  4. way too good. lots of creativity in this edit and if he’s this good now then who knows what we’ll see from him in the next few years. makes it all look easy and good to see he can rip it up on front and back wheels.

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