Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann – My Style – Part 2

Mateus continues to push his own riding level up a few notches, yet another incredible edit right here! Some of the highlights in my eyes were the x-handed turn bucket around 00:58, the following rollback foot jam decade line at 1:09, the halfhiker body varial to circle k half packer at 1:46, and the x-foot half cab steam ender at 5:28! And of course there is so much more! Thank you Mateus! This made my day!

7 thoughts on “Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann – My Style – Part 2

  1. @George – that too, amazing work rate and progression over the last two years!

    @ Sean – can see why you would say that! The contest side still to come…

  2. Hey guys there will not be a next MK! There will be a Mateus Beckmann!!! In an original sport everyone needs to make his own mark and Mateus is making it! Awesome new video though!!!

  3. if didn’t find it so exciting.
    I don’t want to start a drama just discuss, Mateus is good without doubt.
    E how did you decide to put the must watch tag on this one?
    i don’t think that this edit is “off the charts, and never been done before”.
    Looking forward to read your args : )
    Please every one don’t take it as a hater’s comment.

    • @Pi – It is exciting to watch this kids progression, always new tricks, maybe not off the charts, but his rate of progression is off the charts, but I haven’t seen a x-hand backwards wheelie to x hand footjam decade before, or a bar grab 360 steam before plus the other tricks I listed. He made my day, so I called it a Must watch tag.

      As I said before with riders who I respect a lot and think the video is worthy I have left there video up longer than a Must watch edit for example, Denes Katona Junglerider promo was up at the top for a whole 24 hours.

  4. Viki you’re TOP 3 in the WORLD. And i dont give a F***K!! 🙂 anyways good stuff from brazil ride on. BMX can’t pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars so ill let u guys do all the riding 🙂

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