Must Watch – Matthias Dandois / Taking Hawaii

Two Must Watch edits in a day?! Effraim’s firewall has been broken, in the comments section someone commented about Matthias Dandois vs Mateus Beckmann earlier. Well you didn’t have to wait long, except this is all flatland….

You could be forgiven for thinking after the busy year travelling, contests, shows, sponsorship appearances, travelling for modelling contracts and much more that Matthias Dandois would take a break after the UCI World Championships but no…

Matthias is over in Hawaii for a Vans trip, and has been putting in work. I was lucky enough to get a preview and I have to admit I didn’t jump at the email right away. I thought to myself, oh this will be a lifestyle video I will check in a bit.

Once I checked it I was hitting the rewind again and again, from the opening junkyard turbine hop into hang 5 to spinning cliffhanger at the 00:43 mark I knew this wasn’t going to be what I had expected and I stoked to be proved wrong.

And it continues with great editing and the soundtrack fits nicely to, the following switch foot no handed hang 5 (not a plastic man) into a move I called the “elastic man” is so damn good at the 00:58 mark, great to see Matthias pushing himself and his natural talent shines through.

1:13: Steam to teakettle switch to opposite fork wheelie spin (that had me saying please go to spinning hitch) and guess what he did!! Been waiting to see this one for a while and stoked to see this flow, style for miles.

1:38: G turn rollback flail to steam, will this be in Matthias’ contest runs next year. Only time will tell. What I do know is its exciting to see what he has been working on out of the contest arena.

2:03: Possibly my favourite of the whole edit, whips into opposite spinning fork wheelie and casually bar scoots into backwards spinning one footed halfpacker with one out under the chainring/BB into halfpacker, absolutely beautiful move. When flatland is this good you don’t need to draw out the combo, this is flat out amazing. In and out, job done!

2:23: Another contender for move of the edit, backwards carving manual jump to backwards frame nasal and winds into backwards pumping one handed frame mega spin, yes!!!

4:31: No handed xft spinning crackpacker step no handed to switch footed no handed halfpacker foot on the chainring (I’m not even sure what to call this!).

What an edit, its great to see Matthias at the top of his game contributing to the artform not only in amazing contest performances but edits like this in a short time in Hawaii. What’s your favourite move in this edit? One of the best days of the year for content without a doubt that’s for sure!

13 thoughts on “Must Watch – Matthias Dandois / Taking Hawaii

  1. You summed it all up E. On top of the rest, the guy digs another grave for the rest of us with another scorcher of an edit. Some timeless stuff again in this. Not only he’s a machine for accomplishing all this but it’s all done with taste and style… damn

  2. Such a RAD day for this site , TIMES 7….just getting spoiled with TWO crazy edits of two bmx GURUS , mixing up the flat / street flavor so MUCH……. that ya get a 5 course full VISUAL feast !!!! Id have to say , Big -E …after only watching this once ….his ice cream , double foot spin to YANK / BIKE flip , directly to the FRAME , via FRAME stance rocket spin , that’s my favorite move ,@ 3.18 MINUTES , so far . I will be taking this edit in as well …..ALL WEEK , haha….Its really is a special / fresh thing here , Matthias just SLLLLAAAAAAMMMMMING DOWN just about EVERY contest , jam , event , demo …….then , and Ive said this too many times ….him just dropping TONS of progression , STILL pushing his level , AND the flat / street style ! Which Im really digging these days . Every aspect on FULL deck … , difficulty , flow ……and DAMN , it shows / looks like hes having loads of fun , just really enjoying every second, during all these NEW combos ! So , so good of a new edit , digging the front to back ,and vice versa transitions , during these links , also . SALUD , Matthias …..from your 2008 K.O.G. finals battle video in Tykoyo ……..all the way to ……TODAYS edit ……..I enjoy watching EVERY era of your riding . Hell , bruv ……I bet you’ve ALREADY got a sewed up nomination for the 2020 N.O.R.A. CUP………because of THIS edit , haha………….damn , yup …….watching this just made me wanna sesh my bike , juuuuuust a lil bit , before work , haha , don’t even care if I DONT pull anything ! After watching the X- LEG crack packer line @ 4.31 MINUTES …..THAT dope step over to bottom bracket / hook hold spin , whipping to cross front yard , kick to cooooaaaaast , link………………..THAT , also got me a lil bit STOKED to sesh a lil bit , haha…….7 A.M. session………why not ??!! Dandois FRIGGIN RULES , TIMES 7 …….hes taking bmx as a WHOLE … fresh new heights …..and those Cab -bars outta lines…….TOO proper ! They would make GARRET REYNOLDS give the nod of approval !!

  3. The Turbine Plastic Man at 1:02 is Incredible and Completely Brilliant. It took 29 years for someone to finally figure out how to turbine a Plastic Man! Totally Amazing!

    The Elastic Man is a No Handed Cross Footed Peg Wheelie with your knee against the seat. It is like a Plastic Man, but on the back wheel. I had emailed you about it recently.

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