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We are getting to that time of year, where the banger videos are coming in thick and fast. This new one by Matthias Dandois, that is full of clips from Instagram wouldn’t normally get the “Must Watch” tag as I have obviously seen it before. Matthias Dandois posts a lot of great videos online, and watching Instagram sometimes becomes a blur for me with so much content coming so fast, swipe and can be forgotten easily, and in truth I forgot half these videos which I realised Matthias filmed across the globe when he had a break from his work life (whilst the norm would be to stay at home and film), the man and his work ethic is literally quite amazing. Watching all these together is a treat.

At 7:57 mins long there is a lot to highlight and my UK Champs weekend is about to begin but I will highlight some of what stood out to me. The rest we can discuss on the site…

00:18: Switch handed spinning two footed steam x-hand pivot round bars to xft steam without holding the seat, super nice switch that I could Matthias taking to the contest floor!

00:57: Nose half cab nollie to nose, this one must be crazy hard on the wrists, whole lot of techniques going on through out this edit that ticked a different Must Watch than for example James Whites “Eye of the Tiger” edit. I love all the styles Matthia shows, and his tricktionary is vast, the hitch kick flip thrown in is a nice touch.

1:34: 180 hop to xft steam turbine flowing into spinning half hike dragging the bars that brought back memories of Darren Pelio in the 80’s hitting the bars on backwards Karls.

2:54: I had to rewind this clip a fair bit to understand it, backwards flail to backwards 5 for a moment, downside whip out to pedals. Possibly my favourite clip from the edit.

3:27: Xft pedal mega spin body varial two footed backyard, this is a good example of a clip I forgot all about and the tricks keep coming.

Like I already said, plenty more to discuss about this edit, and I am always left wondering. Which lines will appear at a contest soon?
For now let’s pay respect to Matthias who works so hard to be where he’s at. More power to him.

13 thoughts on “Must Watch – Matthias Dandois / The Instagram Side of Things

  1. Agreed the xfooted wheelie> jump to double footed b’yard’s great. Haven’t watched it all, but so far, much to like. Does Matthias do the best no handed tea kettles & xfooted no handed crack packs?

    • He’s the only one I’ve seen do the no handed backwards spinning tea kettle, I tried it before I saw him do it at the circle of balance but couldn’t hold the position very long. His foot position on that now makes sense towards holding it. He makes it look easy.

  2. I’m really stoked to see this compilation. Matthias is a hard worker, and has a bigger bag of tricks than we usually see. One of the most difficult flatland mysteries is how to solve the progression AND consistency issue. Much like Rodney Mullen, Matthias is one of those riders that seems to have a good grasp on how to do both. Respect.

  3. Was really stoked on him dropping this yesterday ! Between me riding @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam Pre-jam , I got to actually talk to Matthias , never have before ! SUPER cool guy . I sat for a good half hour and just watched him session and ………DAMN , like this compilation…. hes got LOADS of stuff on the back burner , and lines that you never really get to see. Like Scott Powell you have to sit back , watch him session for a bit and you realize / see the countless stuff they’ve got in their tricktionary . I REALLY respect , admire riders like this. One lil line that got the ENTIRE Pre-Jam HYPED was Matthias BUSTING his G-turn , Cab LEEEEEAP to switch hand steam……..BUT…….before he land steam……he BAR FLIPS !! I about tackled him in excitement …….but I don’t know him that well , hahaha . Ive watched half of this last night …..gonna watch the other half…..NOW

    • I really like watching Matthias,the guy has a huge trickionary,Very hard switches and hes super creative.Just noticed a few things…Matthias finally realized that its all about freestyle,he walked away from these stupid rules.He does no foot complies,touching his foot on the ground,draging his bars on the ground,dropping the back wheel on ground while doing front wheel tricks,he scuffs…after all,he uses Kevin Jones and Mark Eatons tricks,hang 5,hitchhiler,steamroller,whiplash,deathtruck,megaspin,time mashine…the list goes on and on.More power to the K cause Matthias stepped on the back of Kevin Jones to get where hes at..Myself also did the same scenario dont get me wrong…its freestyle like it or not this is what you get.Dizz Hicks.

  4. Very impressive stuff, nice to see him playing with some old stuff on the hiker bar flip. All great stuff. I’m most impressed with how quickly he is able to bring new stuff into no step contest runs. Not sure anyone has ever been able to do that like Matthias.

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