Must Watch! Moto Sasaki Part 2!

What a day for edits! First Shintaro’s incredible free edit, and now Part 2 of the Moto Sasaki series filmed by Jimalog! This is just incredible start to finish, but in particular the spinning circle k step up to spinning karl on the pedal around the 1:45 mark! Wow! Flatland just went up a notch, go ride your bike!

19 thoughts on “Must Watch! Moto Sasaki Part 2!

    • @thong – that was a nice lil bit of a cliffhanger for part 3! Amazing skills from Moto! Love the backwards opposite pedal 5 jump to steam and that Dane b backwards xft half pivot steam! Rewind!!

  1. So inspiring!

    Flatland is a sport that will have new tricks till the end of time.

    No boundaries. Amazing Edit Moto!!! Props

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