Must Watch – Nice Nice Very Nice! (a BMX Flatland film by Steven Lapsley)

Nice Nice Very Nice! (a BMX Flatland film by Steven Lapsley) from Diversion TV on Vimeo.

A Nice, Nice, Very Nice treat for us all today! With the follow up to Forget What You Heard, Steven Lapsley set out to continue to showcase riders who you may not see as often. His goal is to create a wild fast-paced vibe that brings you back to the days of punk rock on cassette and BMX on VHS.”

From the very offset as news broke of the video, I was excited by the rider list. A nice mix of styles and like Steven wanted, riders you don’t see that often. I was lucky enough to get a preview about a week ago, I was so stoked on the riding and in particular the parts from Mates Tucek, Raphael Chiquet and a part from Pedro Melo that I believe will stand the test of times for years to come. Rather than a massive description, let’s switch this up and discuss this one in the comments section. I am eager to hear what you all think of this.

Let me finish by saying thanks Steven for efforts here, full videos are a rarity. Much appreciated. Its time for a rewind with my morning cuppa.

“A film by Steven Lapsley featuring Enoki Takahiro, Fabien Stephan, Gurvan Le Bloc’h, Mates Tucek, Pedro Melo, Raphael Chiquet, and Varo Hernandez.”

Download it:

55 thoughts on “Must Watch – Nice Nice Very Nice! (a BMX Flatland film by Steven Lapsley)

  1. Awesome body of work from Steven n riders etc.
    All riders on fire, but I cannot get my head around Pedro’s unbelievable section!!

    • Groundbreaking section, I’m a week old on this video and still going back and rewatching techniques. So much to pick out from Pedro, the one foot spinning hitch type of move. Reminded of Stephan Roger years ago on a Canadians video where he did a Xft hitch move foot in spoke?! This move made me think about that, absolute beast. And the ender, how do you learn that? So much to say.

  2. Great stuff from all the riders,personal favourites Takahiro Enoki,Fabien Stefan,Pedro Melo! pedros last trick ,seen a picture in an old Soul mag ,Takaaki Fukuda was pictured in the position, but never saw footage of him doing it,and was wondering how may that appear on a video, now i know ahahah thanks to pedro !amzing section overall!

  3. Vert di Ferk? That was awesome! I loved all of the sections but Mates and Pedro stand out–especially Pedro’s last trick; is that the ant-eater?

  4. Watching some Petro’s stuff was reminiscent of seeing Brandon Derbowka’s vid a couple of years ago doing six no handed whiplashes. What the what??: 🙂

  5. This is an amazing project Steven. I really appreciated the fresh take on riding that breathes thoughout the whole video. No “contest riding” predictable stuff here. Pedro Melo’s part is AMAZING! Varo Hernandez flow and smothness is lovely. Thanks Steven!!!

  6. Did anyone else’s version glitch while riders were in the middle of tricks? I watched it via Vimeo with a fast Internet connection.

    Thought that was weird and made it kinda hard to watch.

    Is there a list of riders you specifically want to see in these videos? How does that work? Kinda disheartening not seeing any North American riders in the video, no offense to any of the riders in the video.

    Really enjoyed Enoki Takahiro’s part, Mates Tucek’s part and of course Pedro Melo’s part.

  7. With all these riders, I couldn’t recall all their names, but the rider wearing a red top, I think, doing the upside megaspin, no handed, with his leg over the head tube caught my eye. I haven’t seen that before, but as others have said some great riding here. Oh, a rider did forward w/lashes> rebate> more w/lashes> whopper off the back pegs was great. Haven’t seen that link before either. It makes me wonder how much more of a bag of tricks these riders have. And it again shows how infinite flat is. Cheers, great viewing and inspiring.

    • Red jacket rider you mention is Gurvan Le Bloc’h and the other rider you mention is Varo Hernandez!

      Thanks for watching!

  8. I am really stoked on what Steve’s doing with his series. It’s been a minute since I sat down and enjoyed a long-form film…and this one has some legit historic bangers. Great music, cool editing. Respect.

    Great to see this kind of collaboration happening. Thanks for a great piece of work.

  9. Effraim? I am extremely grateful for you posting this and leaving it up for so long. I’m pretty proud of this video and I’m glad people seem to dig it! The riders need all the recognition though! Enoki, Gurvan, Raphael, Varo, Mates, Fabien and Pedro. These guys are great. Thanks!

    • No problem Steven. Running the website is a labour of love where I learn things as I go along like we all learn tricks as we go. Projects like this deserve the attention.

  10. I’m quite curious to know how a person can do a one footed hitch? Tire is grinding against Pedro’s leg or some sort of mod done to shoes and/or forks?

  11. I think the ‘thanks’ and ‘acknowledgement’ we should also note here are, in this era of this technology, where anyone has the choice to use their manners or not. Steven you’ve thanked everyone, or answered their questions, on here, so ‘thank you’ for using etiquette.

  12. As a Christian myself, now I know why, I guess you’re well mannered. But, not that I’m implying all non Christians aren’t. I totally agree about treating others the same, as we want to be treated. Take care.

  13. Such a cool watch! Good job Steven and great selection of riders, all of them surprised me. Thanks for this contribution!!

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