14 thoughts on “Must Watch! Pedro Melo / Surf Nose Manual

  1. As I recall, the original attempts at this move were less nose wheelie and more of a g-turn style carve? I remember bitd having an issue of the old Orbit zine with a photo of the originator of this trick busting the move, and there’s a split second clip in one of the Dorkin’ videos of him doing it (too far back for me to remember dude’s name though… lol). In any case, a straight line nose wheelie in this position is right up there with multiple no-handed and turbine no-handed whiplashes as far as tricks I never expected to see fully realized… Melo Bros strike again!

  2. If my memory serves me correctly, probably not, I think it was Dylan Worsley that did a g-turn surfer bitd 20+ years ago. He had his front foot on the crossbar and his back foot wedged underneath the nose of his seat, in between the bottom of the seat and the topside of his laidback seatpost. I remember the sequence from an old magazine, but it didnt show him riding it out. Just him rolling backwards a bit in the modified surfer position, when he completed the g-turn carve.

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