Must Watch!- Pete Brandt Persevere DVD – Skyflip Finale

What a day for edits, and news! One of my all time favourite riders, and childhood hero growing up. Pete Brandt and Matt Gardner teamed up to bring you Pete’s solo video back in 2007. And have just dropped a short edit of his banger! A combo Pete calls “The Skyflip”, a crackhanger to 180 bike varial, to hitchhiker! Amazing still to this day!

16 thoughts on “Must Watch!- Pete Brandt Persevere DVD – Skyflip Finale

  1. So Effraim, if you were one of my childhood heros, and Pete brandt was yours, what the hell does that tell you about Pete!


  2. Everything about the trick is perfect.

    All these cats these days with two wheels on the ground when they switch, barends on ground and pegs on the ground when they flip need to see this and recognize the perfection and the beauty in something that’s so hard trying to rock it at a contest would be… You get what I’m saying. It was sick!!!

    It’s the difference between a straight kick flip on a board and a kickflip to nose manual.

  3. no words after wathing this again, i love the vibe!
    no offense,but i have to disagrre with reggie and alex,cause he just does a couple steamrollers after this,and for me he ruins it,its just an easy filler,there’s no meaning doing this,after such a trick,its powerful on its own.well that’s my point of view ,more minimalistic.

  4. i know it was a huge amount of effort on both these guys making this dvd ,but we soo need a sequal to Persevere

  5. I dig what George is saying. much love to all. but sometimes so much less is so much more. Pete Brandt is a god.

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