42 thoughts on “Must Watch! Peter Olsen – Intrikat 2015

  1. This was surprisingly relaxing to watch given how difficult/insane these lines are. X-foot switches on lockdown… great edit.

  2. I enjoyed every second of this, from the opening to the end. Big thanks to everyone who was involved in this project. The filming, the editing and of course the riding was on point! Please keep doing this.

  3. Not the flashiest style but super hard stuff! This is the kind of riding only a rider can appreciate!
    Ive been waiting years to see some of these tricks, especially the final trick, where he does the backwards x pivotwhip! of course i seen it months ago but that is one he talked about years ago, so hard, such an uncomfortable rolling position and to uncross your legs while rolling backwards, what kind of sadist would do such hard tricks?

    • ^i meant masochist, not sadist. imagine how many times the tire tapped the ground on that one haha. Just thinking about it makes me want to go throw my bike!!

  4. Soooo good. Second combo was my favorite because he made it look easy.. I’m sure the rest WAS harder.. But who knows? NOBODY else can do ANY of that!!!!

  5. Thank you everyone for all the kind words!! I owe so much to so many riders for all the motivation they give me, so if I’m ever able to return the favour then I am deeply honoured.

  6. So good. It took me over 15 minutes to watch this 2 minute video with all the rewinds. I’m still not 100% sure I understood all the tricks. This really inspires me to want to create a trick. Thanks!

  7. Hell yes! Thank you for these crazy combos, I can’t even name my favorite since from the start, all are just insane. Now, waiting for spring to be able to ride again is even more frustrating!

  8. Those whiplashes! Cross-footed one way then cross-footed the other way… WOW! So much good stuff in this edit. Mind blown!!!

  9. This edit really disturbed me…………….I mean for one aren’t those lashes opposite in the first place ??!! Dude ,this is CRAZY difficult skills , I actually had to sit down on a day off from work , no distractions , watch this multiple times just to really take in all of these insane x -pivots , lashing x-legged back to oppy x-legged , x-legged pivot to BACKWARDS facing seatless steams , EVEN ONE HANDED, x -legged pivot to bar small -X -ARMED switching etc !!! etc !!!! Dang man , this stuff is SO hard , Frost is dead on with his comment ! He even REPEATS that x -legged/lashed pivot to ONE HANDED, BACKWARDS FACING seatless steam position !! Not gonna lie the first time I TRIED to view this edit……………………………………….it went right over my head , the difficulty was a little TOO much for me to really grasp/ understand it , in other words , MIND BLOWN ! I was like , I need to REALLY take this in on a day off without distractions . Dude it took me YEARS just dial a simple crack packer roll , not pumping , not spinning , not turbining , not no handed , JUST the NORMAL STRAIGHT LINE roll , YEARS dude , yeah SAD , I know , hahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!! I cant even fathom the balance points/techniques, WHILE pivoting x-legged , etc !!!!! X-legged lashes are HARD enough on their own !!!! Maaaaaaaaaaan this is such a great representation of BMX FLATLAND , heck , BMX in general !!!! DIFFICULT/HAMMER-DROPPING/PROGRESSIVE/CUTTING EDGE/ORIGINAL riding right here !!!! DONT EVEN get me started on his BACK WHEEL X-LEGGED/UNCROSS to X-LEGGED/OVER TAKER combos FROM 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. THIS is STILL so RAD / RIDICULOUS / PROGRESSIVE / HIGH-LEVEL to THIS day !!! He could ENTER ………………………THESE SAME lines in M.O.C. 2018 and get a TOP 5 FINISH eaaaaaaaaaasily cabrone !!!!!!

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