13 thoughts on “Must Watch! Quentin Pelorson D.I.Y GoodSpeed

  1. Wow, awesome switch!!

    Love the amount of ‘airtime’ he gets before actually jumping into the halfpacker. So smooth as well.

  2. So, the “how to” for this on Flatland Tricky will probably go up when they introduce that new “God Mode” trick difficulty category, right? =)

  3. This is like ANTI-gravity air , INSTEAD of FLAT land ! What in the actual F??k !!!!!!!!! Quetin , this is SUCH a hammer of an original move !!!!!! THIS IS what Marttis Masters Of Creativity contest was BORN for !!!!! Such a DREAM move , this one !!!!! Props to you ! I mean FLOATING to drop to halfpacker ?! RAD !!!!!! Cant believe where you’ve taken your J- SPIN to !!!!!!

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