Must Watch – Quentin Pelorson / XTen

Nice simple concept for this new amazing edit out of Quentin Pelorson, who celebrates ten years of riding with ten xft tricks. But as you can see by the Must Watch tag it is so much more than just ten xft tricks that doesn’t do this justice. So here is a break down of a couple lines that stood out for me:

– No handed xft hang ten turbine at 00:47, never seen that done before.

– No handed inside karl steam pivot spinning xft crackpacker turbine pivot spinning hang ten line at 3:45 is unreal and so clean.

– And the banger line at 4:39, xft halfpacker turbine round the back to xft halfpacker other side, I have talked about this one for years, never seen it done! Wow, mind blown. Flatland just went up a few notches, thanks to Quentin Pelorson. Happy ten years anniversary Quentin!

26 thoughts on “Must Watch – Quentin Pelorson / XTen

  1. My Lord, this is epic! I just thinked about the xft halfpacker turbine round the back to xft halfpacker other side idea yesterday in my mind and started to try today and then i saw Quentin doing! So crazy! Congrats for all that insanes tricks man!

  2. I don’t like posting anything, but, damn! Future flat right here and it’s real… amazing to see this. So much hard work…top level without a doubt.

  3. The thing I love in flatland is that you can take a trick and work it in so many concepts. Quentin does all those techniques like rolling,spinning,flips and pedals crossfooted He is the crossfooted master and a living proof that flatland is and must be creative! Bravo Quentin..Love it!

  4. The difficulty level on display is just mental. Don’t even have to comment on originality because no one is doing this stuff. Madness!

  5. Such precarious positions! I am in disbelief at the smooth way you exit those combos. No cut corners. Just mind blowing.

  6. Ok…………..What……………IN THE ACTUAL F——-K !!!! Ive been watching this in tid-bits , taking it ALL in , 10 years ???!!! ONLY 10 F—KN YEARS with this kind of X-LEG arsenal ??!!!! Flipping cross side packers to X-LEG ones , PUMPED / CONTROLLED , the X-LEG back packer JUGGLE / PASS , the fudge packer VARIAL / PIVOT , backyard VARIAL / PIVOT , EVERYTHING BIG E stated , SUCH a PROGRESSIVE edit -TIMES 7 !!! F—-K , I WISH he would of been at the Voodoo Jam !!!! Damn THIS is such a LEVEL UPPED difficulty it HURTS the EYES / MIND , buuuuuuuuut IN A GOOD way !!! RESPECT Quentin , you just PUSHED / ELEVATED bmx FLATLAND in more ways than one !!! HONOR to you campeon !!!!!!!!! GUESS what I was doing after MY first ten years of riding ………………..wheelchair SCUFFS to cracks ………….PATHETIC !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!! YOU RULE QUENTIN !!! MUST WATCH INDEED JEFE !!!!!!

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