Must Watch – Regenerations / BMX Flatland Short Film

“A new generation of young riders inspired by older generations are regenerating BMX Flatland.
Their riding regenerates our riding.This video is dedicated to them!”.

Yu Katagiri (14 years old),Ryo Katagiri (19 years old), Yohei Uchino (37 years old), Viki Gomez (38 years old) collaborate on this Christmas Day released Must Watch! Put together four of the best riders in the world with the best filmer in the game, Tom at Sevisual and you strike gold.

The concept for the video is a great one, and demonstrates how generations of riders can inspire each other back and forth via the Flatpark Flatland School that Yohei Uchino runs. As Jesse Puente would say “You push me, I push you back homie!”.

Rather than list trick for trick which I always do, i’m going to flip this one. Let’s talk about this one in the comments section. Time for a rewind, lot to take in this one…

Top marks Tom, Viki, Ucchie, Ryo and Yu!

41 thoughts on “Must Watch – Regenerations / BMX Flatland Short Film

  1. Gonna have to watch it a few times but Vikis part is so good. Also cool i dont watch his instagram stuff so its so fresh to me. Those backwards backyard lines are sick.

  2. One would never even imagine BMX freestyle like this was invented in the US….Kids now play with the balls, the video games, guns and drugs…If the kids here dont want to do what every one else is doing they get put on psychiatric Drugs for not liking football because they are considered to have something wrong with them….To even do anything the masses arent doing is tantamount to a crime as the hive mind rules here….Its great to see Flatland BMX culture progress and grow in more civilized nations where people still value individuality and the essence of self and are not completely mind controlled by the modern mass media corporate culture, which isnt really culture at all….Well Done Video…Everyone involved Ride on!!!!!

    • @jason kale why would someone even care where flatland was invented? You all talk about bmx family shit and keeping it global bla bla just to point out in the end that flatland was invented in the great US. YOU make a difference by not playing video games and whatsoever. No matter where you from. But hey, good to read. I’ll make some noise soundtrack for the next video that even fewer people will like. Looking forward to the narrow minded comments to that.
      Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang.

      • M.,

        I don’t understand your animosity towards Jason’s comment?


        It is great to watch this short film and see the kids and parents all coming together for BMX as a wholesome family sport. Stoked to ride later.

      • I don’t think that it is what Jason is saying. He is saying it is amazing to see young people riding flatland, a sport that has basically never been passed on to a younger generation of riders in the US.

        Its definitely hard to get young people in to something that only some old weirdos in their 40s do. I think the AFA is a good start and maybe in skateparks there should be an attempt to a have a flat trick area. And then also taking time to ride in public places. Effraim has wrote about this.

        Anyways, I think thats what J Kale talkin bout: how its cool to see this weird sport that started in California move around the world and how exciting it is, but also a bummer that it seems to have been lost in its original home. Hopefully people like Tyler and Austin will keep it moving, and Jean William has also said it is a goal to revive North American freestyle.

        • first of all. no animosity towards you Jason. sorry for sounding harsh.
          flatland is a business. it is mostly run by people who want to make money and/or earn fame to see their face in the spotlight. the principle of higher, faster, further and the drive to achieve competition fame has replaced the livestyle and the love for the sport and the olympic inclusion is proof of that. if that isn’t also corporate? the bubble of independent compamies, riderowned companies, that funded flatland during the start and golden years has burst. less market, less sponsoring payment. the market got reclamed by corporations and sugarwater companies and every other pro is looking for a new big spender to live the dream.
          I’d really like to hear what Kevin, Chase, the fugitives, the huntington beach locals etc. would have said back in the day about all the shit that is going on right now. maybe they would have thought it’s neat.
          flatland imo should be global, nationless, even genderless. Not really what I witnessed during my years. Skills before image, colour, race and nationality.there’s my reason for being (too) harsh.
          Japan has a long tradition in passing on skills to next generations, which is one acceptable nation wise argument but apart from this, envy is a big part of flatland which to me is a normal and direct symptom of the little money that can be made off flatland. this film indeed shows that with the right noble help and surcumstances you CAN bring new people to the sport but where will they end up? UCI olympic gold? and then? and theeeeen?
          I hope for flatland that at least the goal of being an olympic athlete or earning a medal can keep the sport alive or even grow it.
          and YES Jason: why bother tho when you can play videogames and do drugs and listen to mumble rap to be cool. don’t forget the face tatts.
          It was an honor to contribute to this project tho. I did it for the fame and money.

          LOVE M

          • You did it all for the nookie?! Limp Biscuit sample in your next track? ;P
            I tease, I really liked what you did to put sound to this!

  3. here’s something positive tho:
    Woow! I rewinded a couple of times to get the complexity of the links.
    Great riding! Great editing!
    You guys rule!

  4. Wow is this Michael Sommer from back in the days when I was 12 years old? Dude what happened u tripping hard XD.

    I liked this edit a lot! It shows the kids growing in such a good way! I can watch the Asian scene ride the whole day! The level what Katagiri brothers are showing is so good! It is kinda crazy to see them busting so crazy and original moves. So what Viki wanna show is that japan is and always will be a huge inspiration for him. And for a lot of more people! Good job to show that Viki!! Enjoyed every minute of this. Thank you gracias and arigato ❤️ Erik

  5. Don’t take Sommer’s comments personally, they’re not personal. It’s just the tip of the iceberg breaking the surface. The state of flatland today hurts all of us and Sommer’s just venting a little bit of spleen. I agree with him 100% though.

    We’ve got a world champion who is a full-time mechanic and a bunch of people running around calling themselves pro riders, pretending they’re sponsored and buying their own plane tickets.

    Heresy is basically the last bastion of flatland.

  6. And FlatBible is the band playing the last waltz as the ship goes down with Effraim, it’s honourable captain, at the helm.

  7. Amazing video. Loved Ryo’s backwards spinning cross foot dump truck line. Every line from each rider was top notch. Really really missing Naoto’s riding though. He was Ucchie’s student first and definitely paved the way for these two and is definitely an integral part of the “team” and flatpark . I’d even argue that Yu’s riding is closer to Naoto’s than Ucchie’s riding upon closer inspection.

  8. The first thing I was going to say was that the school was what impressed me most…then I saw the riding! Safe to say I really enjoyed everything about this. But the school aspect is what really resonates and inspires me. I’ve been talking about trying to start one here in Toronto for years but my life has just been too busy and complicated, and, well, maybe I’m making excuses. I think if flatland is going to have any real chance of surviving, we are all going to have to put in serious work to mentor the next generation and this is something that is going to come as new to most of us. Clearly contests haven’t really done the trick since the level is so high now its as likely to discourage as it is to encourage at best. I think the true lifers (which obviously doesn’t exclude contest riders too) are going to have to help build the base of young, next generation riders; and not just one or two kids that come by the spot to watch once in a while but really get entire groups of kids riding and having fun together. Teach them that yes there is this serious competitive thing that they can aim for if they want but also that it’s just really fun to get together with friends and try to learn new things. We need to foster community not prodigies. That’s my soapbox speech on this. Again, props to all involved in this project! It’s very impressive!

    • Awesome video project indeed. Brandon, I fully agree. We’ve hit the point where I feel the flatland community/population can be visually represented as an upside down pyramid structure. With the growing corporate push towards top end competition, and without continually building up a base of new riders(competitors, artists, fun havers, lifers, etc..) flatland doesn’t appear to be in a position to sustainably grow for the long term. We definitely need the schools, clinics, and demos to create exposure and accessibility worldwide. It’s almost as if we’re poised for another down turn into a 90s type bmx recession that would be more flatland specific. Again, awesome vid and I’m super stoked to see the riding school environment they’ve built up in Japan. Its hard to recall ever seeing that many young kids getting flatland specific guidance in a North American scene.

      • Yes more honest demos! Where the announcers be like: You gotta dress up for this in your country colors, wear slave patches of your money lords to represent them in a non profit competition and don’t forget to smile and raise your fist with a die hard face to underline the difficulty of your well pulled combo. be like this kids!

        Talking about growth:
        When I started flatland I wanted to be rebellious, pull new tricks and do crazy stuff like the baco guys. If I wanted to dress up in sponsor patched wardrobe in my country’s colors I probably would have chosen to become a professional skier or road cyclist.
        I wanted a rider identity that is based on tricks, riders clothes and riders dumb shit. Not sugarwater, corporate companies and such. Because all that is given to you by those big brands can be easily taken from you. the current state is where Flatland is not in control of flatland. Big brands are. UCI is.
        Final question:
        So how many kids do you all know that want to become a professional road cyclist?

        Ok I’m off again watching James White videos.

  9. Some good comments here , despite some that seem to have perpetuted for some time, but l love the the Asian talent, which l’ve respected for their massive input & influence. As much as it’s been said, l to ,could watch their scene so much & still do watch, KOG back & forth. This vid’s so good l’ll watch it back & forth to & thank you to everyone that put it, together. Moving forward & the future’s now.

  10. Viki is the Flatland Freestyler in this video. He can do anything and everything.

    The upsetting aspect of the Japanese Flatland school is it doesn’t look like it is teaching these kids Flatland Freestyle. It is more like Uchi is brainwashing these kids to ride like Raphael Chiquet circa 2007. Upside down Ice cream jump to the left foot, turbine, etc, etc., and then end with a time machine. These kids are only being taught certain tricks and to ride a certain way and it totally shows in this video and in their riding. That is not Flatland Freestyle, and that is not what Flatland Freestyle is about at all.

  11. Incredible level of riding from those 4 killers!
    If Katagiri’s brothers take as new basics what the previous generation put years to achieve, i cant imagine what their riding would look like in the next few years!
    Looking forward to see that!
    Great job from you all (and also from Tom Sevisual and Sonny Blake), thats an amazing edit!

  12. M. Sommer,

    Yeah, I am not envious of anyone doing McCircles or Time Machines, or anyone who limits their tricktionary.


    Yes, my comment might help. Maybe one of the Katagiris will read it and think “yeah, F Uchie. I am going to start riding the front wheel and invent my own style instead of emulating what is supposedly cool and trendy.” I have no qualms with them. It just looks like they are being brainwashed.

  13. I enjoyed this on several levels.

    Stunned anyone could find negativity. Stunned to still see people projecting their definition of Flatland onto others and/or summarily rejecting anyone else’s point of view in a supposed ‘freestyle’ sport/artform.

    There are several avenues to pursue in Flatland if an expanded audience, well-financed competitions, improved conditions for riders and sponsor-paid airfare and/or other support for Flatlanders — is beneath you.

    Video edits.
    Street entertaining
    Riding by yourself
    Riding with others
    Starting a flatland school
    Documenting the history of Flatland as you see it and how you would like it to be presented

    That Flatland school featured in the video is nothing short of fucking amazing and a necessity for the longevity of Flatland.

    You don’t like the styles they’re teaching? Open your own academy or create a YouTube channel with how-tos of styles you’d like to see taught.

    Thanks to all involved with everything presented in this video.
    Inspirational to be sure.

  14. Upon seeing this advertised Christmas Eve day , juuuuuust after finishing a lil riding session ,and headed out the door to get some last minute shopping dialed …….I was anticipating THIS , TIMES 7. Reading Vikis recent post , reminding all riders about the level of flatland in Japan , past AND present ……I just KNEW this edit was gonna SLLLLLAAAAAAMMMM DOWN some MENTAL riding , add SEVISUAL and D.J.AMTRACK= Michael -RULER of the 360 turbine flap jack , MID-LINE master -Sommer …….and I was anticipating Christmas day , like CRAZY , haha……..DAMN , Ive literally used this edit as mental FUEL / MOTIVATION for about 6 riding sessions , since the day it dropped ! Gracias to Viki , Tom , Michael , the Katagiri brothers , Yohei , Naoto , every single one of these INSANELY talented young bmxers , and ANYONE involved in this flatland / bmx school ! Madd RESPECT , seriously ……..EVERY second of this edit is so damn rad , inspiring , positive , and …..hate to sound cliché ……..but seriously down right friggin MAGICAL , hahaha……I mean when that one cat just spins , flows that Mc circle……..THAT really hit home with me . Im 45 YEARS OLD , and STILL to this day , like as in TODAYS session …..I STILL struggle with Mc circles ……and Im FEATHERING a lil bit , with my 990 , haha…….yeah , I can do em , BUT …..I wouldn’t say theyre like , DIALED , per say , hahaha. That dude is just flowing em , SO clean and perfect ! Theyre doing TIME MACHINES , ROPE SPINS , TURBINE ROCKETS , TURBINE ICE CREAMS , ETC,ETC……Its just too crazy to me , them learning / dialing these kinds of moves…… their FIRST tricks , to build their foundation ! PROPS , man , TIMES 7 . I know having a GREAT / SUPERB coaches like UCCHIE / NAOTO , and others , DEFINITELY helps TONS , also……….SO MAJOR respect to the COACHES / DIRECTORS ! Man……….I STILL recall my own foundation tricks , techniques , and concepts . Hopping , squeaking , stalling , and MUCH , MUCH later on scuffing , haha, I was and STILL am slow / behind on MOST rolling stuff …….and TURBINE stuff ?! Well……….Do Pigs FLY , while playing a guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen , while wearing cargo pants , hahahaha……THATS my ANSWER to me doing TURBINE tricks / variations , hahaha ! Personally the MUSIC , RIDING , and the WHOLE vibe of this is just perfect , one of THE best edits of 2019 . So many moments during EVERY link SLLLAAAAAMMMMED by Ucchie , Ryo , Yu , Viki , EVERY student , etc ,etc , had me excited , hyped , seezzziiied , sometimes shouting , some days , even dancing / jumping in place , just READY to get on my bike and have a lil session , whether it was before , after work , haha ! So MANY W.T.F. during all these combos from EVERYONE , bike flips to PEDAL ropes , X- leg hiker to backwards back packer pivots , rope spin SWITCH-Bs to double foot back yard rolls , backwards carved manuals , MACARONIED to cross ice creams , reach behind time machine spins , backwards spinning steams, butter slipped and KICK FLIPPED to bar small crack packers , etc , etc ,etc , ALL nailed as EASY … I make a bowl of corn pops , haha ! SO stoked on this , bruva , makes me wanna visit , to rides bikes , and really experience the bmx flatland culture , that is the SUPERB land of the rising sun ! I was BEYOND stoked watching this entire edit………THEN……..Mr.Gomez , his BANGING section of his NEW flavor , aboard his well DESERVED / EARNED signature frame from Ares bike company , just TOPPED OFF this already crazy progressive edit ! His whole section just DELIVERS ! Watching it , BUGGING OUT on his combos on his bike , I was thinking , damn …..Viki has been RE-INVENTING his riding throughout EVERY year , since FRIGGIN 1999 , and here we are…..AGAIN , hes STILL keeping his riding FRESH , PROGRESSIVE , ORIGINAL , UN -PRDICTABLE , and down right TECHNICAL / HIGH -LEVEL . AGAIN …….THIS ENTIRE edit was a dope Christmas gift to the net ,and ALL of bmx , in general …….and a REMINDER that judging from these cats……..flatland bmx in general appears to have ALOT of HOPE for the future……..Im just sitting back , pondering , tripping……..thinking about these students , IMAGINE these cats @ , say ,ummmm……..15 YEARS…..from TODAY , dude…….THINK about it …….I just hope ALL of em stick with riding their bikes ! Today ,I pulled my usual Kerry Gatt , floating bar flip straddle -K ,to straddle-K , in about 18 tries , USUALLY takes me , like 118 TRIES , I DONT mind that . I actually LIKE chasing a trick , trying it a million tries , haha. M.O.C. taught me to ENJOY that kind of repetition and STRUGGLE , its a RUSH and kinda EXCITING ! Thing is, AFTER watching THIS edit , ALL week ……it kinda mentally , without me even REALIZING it , motivated me to pull the Kerry Gatt -K bar flip move in less tries , being that the riding in this edit is SO high level , it REALLY helped with my own riding , which is no where NEAR the LEVEL in this WHOLE edit , and NEVER will be,haha..thats cool though ! Im ride bmx bikes for pure FUN , anyway . FUN is the GOAL / REWARD to me !!…….YUP , THIS edit is , AGAIN , such a GREAT gift to bmx , as a sport , art form , AND lifestyle in general…….SALLLLUUUD , to ALL………………

  15. AND ……..THAT ……SOUND TRACK , by Michael Sommer , as dope / rad , as his BIKE RIDING , TIMES 7 ! Im STILL watching his Autumn edit / 2006ish , his sleep walking , riding edit / 2008ish, AND his last Felt bike company edit / 2009ish …..ALL those edits of his MAGNIFICENT links, on his bike ! ALL the music hes CREATED / PRODUCED is RAD ! I actually wanna BUY some , seriously ! Tom @ SEVISUAL , you DELIVERED ….AGAIN ! AWESOME work , to BOTH you , campeons ! AGAIN ……THIS ….R U L E D ……. H A R D .

  16. I was amazed by the japanese riding in the beginning but when i saw Viki i forgot all the previous…they do great job in Japan tho with the flatland school…and i respect all the thoughts here but i have to say that i am one of those who cares where flatland,my passion,started…and imagine folks if this flatland school existed 30 years ago and you had Kevin and Chase as coaches…how cool could be that??And sure these kids in Japan are brainwashed in a good way of course…myself i am brainwashed by Kevin and Chase without never meet them,let alone if they had even teatched me…!!

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