Must Watch – Rob Ridge / Might be something after all

A saturday night treat from one of my favourite riders of all time, Rob Ridge. Rob began his riding career riding mostly flatland and has more lately taken what he learnt on flatland to the mini ramp and what he does is fresh! Undertaker taps, 360 lawnmower taps, countless impossible tailwhip nose pick combos, stalled no handed one footed nose pick to tail whip nose pick variations out and much more. Stop reading my description and enjoy this one, BMX at it’s finest!

11 thoughts on “Must Watch – Rob Ridge / Might be something after all

  1. Had a professor in grad school catch me at a bank to wall doing g-turns and wall rides on a mountain bike with some local high school aged bmxers. Thought for sure I would be ridiculed back at my office on campus once the prof. spread the word about my “childish” endeavors. Sure enough, the next day I get called into Dr.Morris’ office to have an unscheduled meeting. But, much to my surprise, he starts by asking where I learned all of the bike tricks/control and telling me how impressive he thought it was. I explained that, when I was much younger I road a lot of BMX and I now just mess around every blue moon. Guy proceeds to tell me that , given how much fun I was obviously having, that I should take my ass to a bike store and buy myself a new bmx bike. He then explained that finding things that give us joy are the goal of life and not a mere “sideline concern”. He insisted that accumulating all of the stuff in the world will never match the gratification that pursuing/engaging in an active and creative activity will. Ultimately, the smartest person I ever met was telling me that Rob Ridge (you too, Effraim) has life by the balls! To ride for this long at this level, he is a billionaire on the happiness scale.
    Sorry so long, but couldn’t stop thinking about it!

  2. speechless.. always actually
    amazing to me is also the fact that at +40 he seems to not get backaches or stuffs like this that would prevent him to risk to get the serious bails he takes inevitably.. woOw

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