Must Watch – Roman Schiavarelli / Finished

I love surprises here on Flatmattersonline, and we start a big week off for the year with this creative banger from Roman Schiavarelli! Roman for as long as I can remember, has been one of the most creative riders around (would love to have seen Roman in the Master of Creativity contest), lots of interesting concepts in this edit and tricks with no names…. As always with Must Watch edits I like to highlight what I liked about it, everything he does is awesome, but here’s what I liked!

– The no footed steam stall one handed at 00:33!

– X hand hang nothing sat on top tube at 00:51!

– The handstand front wheel balance with the back wheel off floor, simple idea that really bought a smile to my face at 1:08!

– No footed Wheelie stall at 1:27!

13 thoughts on “Must Watch – Roman Schiavarelli / Finished

  1. MUST watch INDEED , BIG E !!!! SLLLLLLAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEED !!!!! LOVED EVERY second / trick / DOOM metal bass riff / VIBE about this edit !!! WILD that I JUST watched his section in MIXT not too long ago !! REEEEEEAAALLLLLLLY stoked on HIS take on bmx flatland-FREEstyle !!! YUP , MOST def SHARING THIS on my facebook page……………………….NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BANGING ORIGINALITY surprises in THIS-TIMES 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah Roman! I’ve seen so much crazy stuff from Roman over the years, super original rider! So much more he’s done that has never been put out.

  3. First time I’ve seen his riding outside of his section in Mixt! This stuff is absolute fire… please drop more clips on us soon!

  4. That was so rad! So much crazy hard stuff there too. He’s got skills that for sure. The hand switch in the hang 0 was incredible.

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