Must Watch – Scott Powell / Decade Anthology: Backside to Bar-Split

Decade Anthology: Backside to Bar-Split from scott powell on Vimeo.

The day to day Scott Powell decade clips are gaining momentum which each day, it seems like they are getting more and more complex. Today, day 7 we have a backside decade to bar split decade, absolutely incredible! What’s next?!

11 thoughts on “Must Watch – Scott Powell / Decade Anthology: Backside to Bar-Split

  1. These are great and all but like, why not just release a full edit? These one-offs everyday are kind of turning flatmatters into the Scott show.

    • From his explanation, Scott was saying he didn’t want what he has put a lot of time into being lost on a full edit. I’m sure once these clips are all out, then he will post them together. I am just covering what’s going off, must say I enjoy the daily updates. Something to look forward to every day recently, it’s been so quiet the past few months.

    • Fred….even after this project is complete (fully released) Chase will still be the undisputed decade (and almost every other concept) master! 🙂
      U would need to ride with him for 6 months plus to really get a grasp of the level he is on

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