Must Watch – Scott Powell / Decade Anthology: Triple-Double

Decade Anthology: Triple-Double from scott powell on Vimeo.

Today marks 30 days of the Scott Powell’s amazing Decade Anthology series, and the madness seems to heat up everyday. Here’s what Scott had to say about this one:
“The easiest way I could describe this is a Triple/Double, or Triple windshield wiper to perverted decade to opposite decade, but I like Triple/Double!”. My question is, are we getting close to the end? How long can this continue? New tricks for almost an entire month!

16 thoughts on “Must Watch – Scott Powell / Decade Anthology: Triple-Double

  1. A windshield wiper should be considered to and from as (1). So the triple or double should be reconsidered throughout the series. Brakes make things easier whether done done then or now and should also be considered. The fact that many of these have been done before should also be considered. Some of which it would appear that the rider has a personal interest to another riders recognition for their accomplishments as to try to attempt to degrade or reduce the impact of that riders innovations. Why would YOU put these as must watch when you know they don’t deserve it? It’s like politics? How as this become a thing in flatland? Last post for me…don’t care about backlash because it’s dumb. Do what’s right and back it up and that’s that.

  2. @Aaron Frost – I gave a lot of these clips the Must watch tag because I was stoked on them, most of the variations I don’t recall seeing before. Some tricks are hard whether brakes or not, even though I now ride brakeless I can appreciate brake riding as it’s something I did for years.
    I don’t know how the Must Watch tag became “a thing”, in my eyes it was just a personal touch to the site and adding a lil’ something to the site which I believe it has done and it has helped push the sport a little bit. It’s not something I planned on doing Aaron.
    There is no back lash in my mind at all, thats your opinion and that’s fine. The one thing I would end with, and this is across the board. Why can’t we as a flatland culture seem to appreciate really good riding regardless of who its from, part of what holds us back possibly?

  3. This is completely true.

    “Some tricks are hard whether brakes or not”

    Brakeless doesn’t mean its harder.

    • Actually, I can do a bunch of tricks that are easier to do without brake.Using the brakes and even having the brakes on the bike actually make it more difficult to do the tricks…

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