Must Watch! Scott Powell – The Decade Anthology / The ORB

The ORB from scott powell on Vimeo.

Last week we published the trailer to Scott Powell’s Decade Anthology project, today we have the first in the series. Scott has been stacking clips for a long time, and rather than clips being lost in the overload of decade variations. He has taken an interesting approach and is releasing them one by one, and focussing on each move rather than a long edit. Great concept, I really liked the multiple takes on the double upside down. Here is what Scott had to say:

“Months ago I set out on a journey to compile some of the most advanced variations that I could do of a BMX trick named “Decade.” . After months filled with obstacles: trips, shows, work, injuries, and operating Chenga, I finally completed my project — The Decade Anthology. Due to the volume of variations I captured on video, I am releasing them in a series rather than one large edit. We embark with a throwback that I first created/pulled 16 years ago; in March of 2001 — The ORB.”

19 thoughts on “Must Watch! Scott Powell – The Decade Anthology / The ORB

  1. He’s no John Yull, but that was pretty sick! The last one without the seat touching was mind blowing.

  2. 1) Love Scott’s edits – Very diverse rider
    2) Saw Day Smith do singular upside down decade in 1995
    3) Love John Yull’s edits, but like to see what else he has as far as variety.
    4) Head to head edit or live flat battle Scott vs John would be rad

    • Adam,
      I decided to abstain from commenting on any comments that are negative or challenge me against another rider, but i will chime in for a history correction. I believe that the younger riders need to know and have a grasp on some of flatland’s history, and any time I see information that is off, I have no issues correcting the statement.
      That said—#2 is partially correct: it wasn’t 1995…i think closer to 1997/1998 that Day did his signature trick, BUT he did NOT do upside-down decade, i did. Day did a hybrid trick that is easier to describe because he never publicly named it. description: Day would do a switch footed upside-down peg wheelie (left foot on right peg) then jam the seat (he had a super high seatpost) on the ground. he would then jump and half tailwhip, half rotate his body and the frame and his body would meet at the 180 degrees point. The bike would half tailwhip on the seat—similar to when I would do a seat-spin. It was almost like a down-side tailwhip with the bike pivoting on the seat.
      It was different, it was good, it was/is Day’s trick, but it was NOT an upside down decade! 😉

  3. Actually I was in California riding at the beach when I saw it , so for sure winter 1996 , Also in the Graveyard Static Video. After rewatching , I stand corrected on said trick and see the difference. No comment I made was in any way negative, quite the opposite, in expressing admiration of both riders previously mentioned. Happy decading lol

    • Adam,
      Winter 1996…makes sense, with no internet and reliance on magazines and physically going to ride with other people…it was around 1997 by the time we saw Day do his trick.
      Also i was not referring to you as negative, I know your intentions are great, but rather certain other riders, and ones that might chime-in in the future as the project moves along.
      ps….time for the 2nd edit!

  4. Day Smith’s decade was cool, but not really a “decade.” More of a half tail whip / half decade… and it was a must for the seat to touch. Huge props to Scott for being the first to do it legit.
    I think we can all agree that flatland needs more metal in our videos.

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