Must Watch – Sebastian Grubinger / Faces of Vienna

I think it’s fair to say almost anything Sebastian Grubinger puts out is a Must Watch, his riding always has me shaking my head in a good way. And from the opening line with backwards facing manual back pedalling ET style I think to myself “Who else on the planet is doing this stuff?”, and as if that’s not enough he adds in a Degroot undertaker to backwards backyard and opposite Degroot undertakers out. Absolutely mind melting degree of difficulty here.

The second clip I thought I knew what was coming, and I love that I was wrong. Backwards facing messiah half backwards whiplash scuff to forwards bar hop whiplash bar scoot out. Again, who is doing this stuff.

At 1:29 the switch foot peg wheelie pivot entry to backwards backyard is one of the best switches I have seen all year. Simple idea, but yet so hard!

The last line is possibly my favourite from this short, but yet so incredible edit. Opposite Degroot undertaker to straddle roni out. There’s layers to what Sebastian is doing in this edit, that is just years and years of craft. This edit will be getting the rewind, and help me get through a rainy day in Southsea.

12 thoughts on “Must Watch – Sebastian Grubinger / Faces of Vienna

  1. I saw a comment today saying that contest floor space has really not allowed this style to thrive but glad that Sebastian has not lost his unique flavour and I agree with that 100%.

  2. Not wrong Effraim, l haven’t seen anybody do these links & graceful as well as being sooo smooth as ever. The thing that l noticed with Profile Zcoaster riders in these edits is that, the pedal they’re going to put their foot on, to ride out, seems to always be at about 6 o’clock. I’ve a Zcoaster and after trying the numerous cams, l found l couldn’t get it in any position, that it would engage & be able to ride out normally. It’s as if it’s made differently to other coasters/ different style of riding. I had the worst crash ever a few years ago using this hub. And it ghost pedals trying to do firehydrants so l’ve crunched my foot a few times in between the pedal and front wheel. I went to land on my pedal, which was positioned at about 4 o’clock and smashed my knee on the top tube. This had me on hands & knees on the ground and l hit it HARD!. The next crash l hit my knee on the steam, bars to ground VERY HARD!. I laid there and as l tried to get up, l felt a bit groggy, possibly mild concussion, because l hit my head on the ground to! A few nice people were sitting nearby and came over ;& asked if l was ok. Like l said, trying to get up, l felt groggy. I asked if l was bleeding and l was. I had a chip on my chin, on the side of my nose, a cut across the forehead as well as some skin peeled off my knuckles, which was the least of my problems. As l tried to walk to a seat & sit, l nearly collapsed. That was of course the end of my session & easily the worst l’ve hit the ground. What l have never been able to understand’ s why l see Chad De Groot have his pedals at about 4 o’clock and ride out of combos easily, yet as l explained, l’ve never been able to do that. The cam was rotated last time, to sit at 45degrees but still crashed! A number of people know how l’ve cursed this hub. And apart from that, it cost me nearly $700 AUS by the time l got it here!!! It was the single most expensive part l’ve bought and a massive dissapointment. I’ve since been using a Taska Ufree with no such crashes.l’ve photos of my face after these crashes. So, l’ve this super expensive hub, that hasn’t been used in over 2 years. Such a waste.

    • funny…I sold my Ufree for a Zcoaster, and can totally relate to your above struggles with the Profile Zcoaster!
      Visually the Ufree seemed so primitive in overall design compared, but at least it was reliable!
      Might just run the zcoaster as cassette eventually, As Im lumbered with it, and wouldn’t inflict it on anybody else.
      Ovrpriced tosh of a hub

      • I find anything based to the Nankai’s internal clutch design and if it’s decently made seems to perform just fine. I’ve been using an Eclat Cortex set up with a 1/4 turn slack for a few years now. The hub came set up that way, and that’s how I set up my Nankai hubs. Here I am with no maintenance and no complaints. Its just like the Nakais, but smoother and more solid being built around sealed bearings and a 14mm axel.
        I love this shit like I love watching Seb Grub’s riding. Stoked.

  3. Hi BZ, if it’s not asking too much, can you please tell me if the Eclat hub you’ve been using’s the V2 model ? I’m not sure when this came into the market. Thanks.

    • To the best of my knowledge I’m running the V1 model since I’ve had it for a few years. It didn’t even come with a hub guard at the time I got it, but I only use it for flat so the hub guard isn’t necessary.

  4. This vid with being black and white with crazy music and quick almost subliminal imagery reminded me of an old Ells Bells video.

  5. Joe Kick Ass , you know it ,campeon !! Love ya ,bruv ! Rad riding always gets me pumped ,Hahaha…..Ive been studying this / Giannis , their edits for a couple days now , and………O.M.G. , Sebastien….. like Effraim states….DAMN CORRECT , everything that he drops online IS a MUST WATCH . Those backwards facing x-leg manuals just kill me . Ive been trying REGULAR manuals for like 18 years , hahaha. His whiplashes , body varialing in front / around the bars , the backwards facing double foot back yard rolls , SLLAAAAAAAMING DOWN rolling under takers with em, etc , ALL his lines are on some M.O.C. type stuff , no joke . Mothradeath …oh yeeeaaah …I was thinking some Ells Bells flavor , also . Really enjoyed this .

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