17 thoughts on “Must Watch! Seppl – R.I.P. kunstform?! BMX shop office – Part 1

  1. I’m amazed by how Sebastian’s riding has developed over the past few years, such awesome originality and style. Normally when guys get married and have children you expect their riding to fall off a bit, but that’s the not the case here. He’s better than ever.

  2. seppl is my hero. everything i’ve seen from him for years now looks, and is, hard as hell. seriously, could his combos be any more difficult?!

  3. hey dudes,
    thanks for these kind words, i really do appreciate that!
    to be honest, i kinda expected the same from myself as pete, but family, kids & two jobs cannot stop me from riding!!!

    ride hard,


    p.s. part 2 should be out soon…

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