7 thoughts on “Must Watch! Shinichiro Hara – backward 1 coming and going and a half

    • Your comment made me think about the term “old school” Reg, if its never been done, is it old school or is new school with regard to finding something “new” and fresh to do with brakes. Is it just considered old school because he’s using brakes?, is it harder to come up with something new with brakes, as so much been done over last 30 years, and now new stuff gets dropped regularly brakeless?….

      • If it has never been done it’s new. How could it be old if nobody has ever done it? The use of brakes shouldn’t instantly classify a trick as old school. Although there are techniques, styles, and even certain tricks that do have an “old school” vibe even when done in a completely new way, so I know what Reg is saying. Good call on this being a “Must Watch”, it’s an awesome trick! I think anything that hasn’t been done before should be a “Must Watch” brakes or not …

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