Must Watch! Simon O’Brien – Colony BMX

Simon O’Brien is working hard on a full video part for Stewart Munro’s up and coming video, but still has a vast trick bag to drop an amazing edit in the meantime! I already hit the rewind button several times trying to fully understand what happened, especially the first two combos, and the nose manual boomerang half packer line at 1;12 is so direct and just beautifully composed using the brake to make the bike do what he wants like that is next level, not to mention the last line! It is great for flatland Simon is back on it filming regularly! Much respect!

10 thoughts on “Must Watch! Simon O’Brien – Colony BMX

  1. This is Simon’s b-roll too! All of his crazy shit is being saved for the DVD. Notice that he’s not even on his current frame here. I love the 3rd combo – how he walks around the bars stationary and gets enough to end up in a forwards hang 5.

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