Must Watch! Sleepwalker by Yellowfever

Cracking upload by TekuFlat! Thank you for the post as I had never seen this the whole way through, featuring Yammer in his prime, Kotaro Tanaka, York Uno, Shinde, Akira Okamura, dope video that captures the Japanese lifestyle and of course so much killer riding with a ton of forgotten techniques and styles!

5 thoughts on “Must Watch! Sleepwalker by Yellowfever

  1. Love this. There’s another Yellow Fever video, circa 2001 or so, that I’ve been searching for forever. It opens with some traditional Japanese drumming. Oddly, one of the things that I’ve always remembered is that Hiroya had crazy blond hair. Anyone know the title to that one?

  2. Sure that isnt viva asia Anthony? its on youtube if it is . As far as i know all the yellow fever have been uploaded . It was super cool of darren to do this he bought the last copy in japan and sent it to a conversion place specifically to preserve it online .

  3. I checked Viva Asia, but it wasn’t the one I was thinking of. The era is correct, but the opening sequence shows some video of a traditional drummer hitting a huge taiko drum juxtaposed to riding. Now I’m starting to wonder if it was a Yellow Fever production. Maybe an Ares video produced by Yellow Fever? I’m stuck on it being YF because I remember that Lego opening.

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