Must Watch – Steve Mulder 2016 Clips

STEVE MULDER 2016 CLIPS from mulderflat on Vimeo.

We have started the new year with some absolute banging edits, and it continues here with Steve Mulder’s 2016 clips filmed in his futuristic looking garage riding spot. I have said it before and ail, no doubt say it again. Steve Mulder is one of the best to ever touch a 20″ BMX Bike, period.

From the opening two clips, regular and opposite I was glued to the screen. The edit just keeps getting better, the following bar backwards 1 and half hang glider to steam at 00:28 is so well executed!

00:54, the half lash to macaroni to smith is just a thing of beauty! Absolute next level bike skills right here!

1:06, 5 brakeless hang gliders done like he could do ten more without breaking a sweat.

1:15, half lash jump to xft backwards peg wheelie backwards rolaid out! (Featured this a few days on the FM instagram page!)

1:23, Steve has been doing this move for years and still it is untouched! Peg wheelie 360 hand job to switch-b, now I mention it you could say that about almost all of Steve’s riding. Skills to pay the bills, nice length to this edit, great tune that made my day a whole lot better! Thank you Steve!

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