4 thoughts on “Must Watch! Terry Adams riding Flatland on Water!

  1. Boring.

    FYI hes done this riding in the very heavy rain thing in Diversion 4 also.

    Who cares. Its not even progressive. Same old boring tricks. It doesn’t matter how many “interesting” locations he goes to if he keeps doing the same old tricks.
    Oh well – as long as joe public is happy. that’s all that matters. right?.

    It seems like such a huge waste of time and resources to make some kind of water platform just for him to ride on once. they should have used that money to fund better things instead.

  2. Therapy,

    Feel free to send Effraim all the progressive tricks you have invented that are both harder and more original than all the tricks Terry has invented. You can also include your net worth. I’m sure Terry has more money and more tricks than you. If you want to be a gadfly then you have to show and prove your point. Otherwise you are just a hateful idiot with no point.

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