Must Watch! The SpaceArk Crew!

Wow, let’s start the week off with this incredible edit from the SpaceArk crew, featuring Chiwata Toshiaki, Decade Machine Kenshiro Ojima, Masashi Itani, Kazuto Morishita, Keita Uchino, Shinichi Kiba, and last but certainly not least Youhei Uchino will have you hitting the rewind for the combo at 5:12!

13 thoughts on “Must Watch! The SpaceArk Crew!

  1. And we take another step into the new era of flatland. Totally different scene from the pop jam edit a while back. Note the diversity of set ups and tricks…

  2. Those had to be the most vertical decades I’ve seen since some of Chase’s. What a hotbed of creativity. Such a privilege to watch.

  3. Just to parrot what has already been said, super diverse and creative! Absolutely love the fire-hyrant to manual, if my aged eyes saw that correctly. What an inspiring edit!

  4. Come on guys… this clip needs more comments! These riders are killing it. Push Flatland and original tricks like this! Its amazing *_*

  5. watching this kinda reminded me of the feeling you get when watching the final section of a new dorkin’ video for the first time. just pure amazing stuff. super rad.
    love doing decades but that that steep- no thanks. scary steep. and the big combo prior to the bike flip- super hard. i bet that took a few takes to capture.
    japan is top of the tree when it comes to creativity in flatland right now.

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