Must Watch – Tim Knoll / BMX But Not As You Know It

Three Must Watch edits in a week already, today we have a fresh eat from the creative master that is Tim Knoll! Tim incredible style of flat/street riding has turned heads since he hit the consciousness of the online BMX community at the start of this decade. Hailing from Milwaukee, Tim has since gone on to develop his riding to new levels and has evolved a style that mixes up BMX street and Flatland skills with acrobatics and gymnastics moves.
Rather than list the highlights, these type of edits are more about the overall feel. Flat out amazing!

16 thoughts on “Must Watch – Tim Knoll / BMX But Not As You Know It

  1. Rad edit! But “Hailing from the state of Milwaukee” is incorrect, hes from the city of Milwaukee, in the state of Wisconsin.

  2. F-kn AMAZING !! So many wild lines that hit……..Like Tyson punches ! The cross ankle death fire cracker , down stairs ! Crazy Dark side variation to IMMEDIATE fire pinks , ice cream rope -ice pick / cross bar GRIND , Muppet , to 360 swing around to overtaker , bar ride swing twist to fork roll , smoothie , forward rope / pole swing , etc , etc !!! Really amped on new stuff from Tim…………Fun fact , I once came into work one morning when Tims first edit hit the net………A coworker who DOESNT ride / know ANYTHING about bmx , he came up to me STOKED , saying , duuuuuude , have you heard of Tim Knoll !! That guys f-kn AWESOME . He was SO excited . I don’t know Tim , but I DO know his riding ……Its REALLY reaching the masses . That’s a RAD thing .

      • You’re really nice to me Marley but I gotta say that I took the moonwalk from Eddie. Also I learned a vander roll with the help of a how to video that Rick made. And Rick could do a fully extended Boston back breaker – a trick I wish I could do but can’t. I do have a bunch of original stuff in my video but not all of it is. I stand on the shoulders of all the greats who came before me. I build off of some things that others have done.

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