Must Watch! Toon Pakphum / Shadow Practise 2

It’s New Years Day and already the first Must Watch edit for 2019! From the opening multiple stem boomerangs that I lost count on how many he hits, you just know this edit will hit really hard and it certainly delivers and right now I would say in my opinion, this is Toon’s best work to date.
I am right in the middle of the Flatmattersonline year end awards so I will keep the description short and sweet for a change.

Happy New Year everyone! What a treat from Toon, someone has been training hard!

13 thoughts on “Must Watch! Toon Pakphum / Shadow Practise 2

  1. Boomerangs were an awesome start. “I am here to kick some ass”. lol. Those are similar to what RL used to do a million years ago with brakes. Think he called them a Xerox machine if I remember.

  2. Yes Xerox machines standing on the cross bar with the extra tube welded on. They were Dyno bars. The b’rang definitely hasn’t gone away, it still comes back lol.

  3. I think of the recent must watches this is the one i am most blown away by. Maybe because i don’t see tons of toon footage or because of serious bike control and confidence and long super hard links. The one with two cliffs coming in on oppo side is so hard. That and the balance leg and the bow at end of tricks. So good.

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