Must Watch! Trickstars 3

TrickStars3 from Trick Stars videos on Vimeo.

Great sections with Martti Kuoppa, Chase Gouin, a young very Adam Kun, and of course the OG crew and many more! Filmed in 2000, came out Spring 2001. The Martti section in particular brings back memories of a time when the jam circle sessions seemed more important than the contest. Good times!

14 thoughts on “Must Watch! Trickstars 3

  1. ooooooh yeah!!!! i got this one on VHS was the first ever i saw!!!! daaaaem! so much good and dedicated riding! (from this movie i have always wanted to visit hero square!!! and i did!!!)

  2. Still to this day, Ulrich Kittles backwards dumptruck combo is still nice.

    And Martons whole combo ending in the inside backyard backside decade is still one of the sickest combos. All over the bike.

  3. those christmas tree decades broke my ribs back in 92 trying to learn them. handstand bellyflop decade out from the vert front peg position hurts immensely. they still look ace though. i’ll leave them alone…

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